Pexa ofrece la línea completa EPSI de productos para recubrimiento.

EPSI Masking Products

EPSI EUepsi_green_poly_masking_tape_188_110_sEPSI_-_Wishbone_Discs_AW12_(XXS)_188_180_sepsi_hi_temp_crepe_discs_188_141_splgSTS_-_MISC_(S)_188_183_sepsi_ezi_caps_188_188_sepsi_swivel_hooks_188_188_s
epsi-coverPexa ofrece la línea completa EPSI de productos para recubrimiento. Hay una solución para cada necesidad, tanto para recubrimientos líquidos como en polvo y para el tratamiento de metales.   catalogue-download     Click here to buy   Tenemos disponibilidad de toda la gama de productos resistentes a altas temperaturas en todos los tamaños. Pexa ofrece la variedad más amplia de productos estándar y también soluciones a medida para cada proyecto.

Relación de productos:

  • Cintas y discos de papel
  • Cintas y discos de poliéster
  • Cintas y discos de papel metalizado
  • Poliimidas, cintas y discos vinílicos
  • Troquelados de todas las cintas
  • Tapones
  • Tapas
  • Ganchos
Masking Tapes In a complete range of widths from 3mm to 1.3M and in imperial and metric dimensions. Products include:
  • A12 green polyester tape, temperature resistant to 204°C
  • K12 polyimide tape, temperature resistant to 260°C
  • C21 paper tape, temperature resistant to 165°C
  • V12 yellow vinyl tape for electroplating, temperature resistant to 80°C
  • P12 lead foil tape, temperature resistant to 105°C
Masking Discs All of our tape products can be supplied in disc form with any required diameter. The patented AW12 Wishbone Disc has a handy pull up tab for easy placement and removal.
  • AW12 green polyester wishbone discs, temperature resistant to 204°C
  • AD12 green polyester discs, temperature resistant to 204°C
  • AH12 green polyester donuts, temperature resistant to 204°C
  • CD12 paper discs resistant to 165°C
Masking Die Cuts We can supply die cuts in any customer shape in any of our tape products. This can range from simple squares to complex shapes and kits of shapes made to match any drawing. Masking Plugs We offer plugs for any size of hole in silicone rubber, temperature resistant to 315°C and EPDM resistant to 250°C. Plugs are reusable and made to exact tolerances. Products include:
  • Plain conical stoppers
  • Hollow stoppers
  • Cork stoppers
  • Flangeless ribbed stoppers
  • Washer plugs
  • Blind hole thread mask plugs
  • Tube insert plugs
  • Shallow tube plugs
  • Pull plugs
  • Weld nut plugs
  • Sink-O-Mask™ Plugs
  • Mousetail Plugs
Masking Caps We offer caps for any size of thread or post in Silicone rubber, temperature resistant to 315°C, EPDM, resistant to 250°C, disposable, resistant to 165°C products include:
  • EZYT Venting caps
  • Round end caps
  • Flat caps
  • Washer caps
  • Flanged caps
  • Conical caps
Hooks We supply a full range of hooks for hanging and jigging parts for painting including: We also supply a full range of tubing, cord and sheeting that can be cut to size for any application.
  • V Hooks
  • S Hooks
  • C Hooks
  • CV Hooks
  • Locking Hooks
  • Claw Hooks
  • Swivel Hooks