Lord Coatings

Lord Coatings

Pexa is the European distributor of the Lord Corporation’s Aeroglaze® range of specialist coatings. Aeroglaze® offers proven performance in the most demanding of environments. Key applications include space equipment and optics where light reflectance and thermal emissivity must be managed in difficult conditions, including in vacuums and at extreme temperatures. Pexa provides delivery and full technical support for the Lord Aeroglaze® range.

Lord Aeroglaze® and Chemglaze® Coatings

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Typical application areas include; telescopes, baffles, waveguides, vacuum test chambers, probes, satellites, launch vehicles, aircraft, optics, antennae and radomes. Click here to buy     download    

Coatings Systems


  • Aeroglaze® Z306 and Z307. These moisture cured polyurethanes provide a matt black nish with extreme durability, mar resistance, cleanability and resistance to environmental degradation. Many scientific evaluations of Z306 have established its properties for the high absorption of wavelengths in the visible spectrum (low reflectance), combined with low emissivity in the infra-red spectrum. These properties ensure maximum absorption of stray light & minimum scatter combined with minimum emission of heat which can disturb the light path. Z307 provides essentially the same properties with additional conductivity for the discharge of static electricity.
  • Aeroglaze® A276. Gloss white finish provides extreme durability in harsh environments typical of aerospace and space applications. A276 provides high re ectivity in accordance with space industry requirements
All Aeroglaze® topcoats perform their functions in vacuums and with low outgassing.


Lord Aeroglaze® primers provide enhanced adhesion and corrosion resistance for a wide variety of substrates used in the space and optical markets including; gold, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, silver, beryllium, magnesium, glass, nickel and FRP. Pexa also supplies the Lord Chemlok® range of adhesion promoters for a wide variety of challenging substrates. The primers have been tested in combination with the topcoats to ensure that systems meet the technical requirements of the space and optical industries.
  • Aeroglaze® 9924.-Wash (etch) primer containing chromates suitable for a wide range of substrates including untreated aluminium, copper, silver, gold, galvanised steel and many other alloys.
  • Aeroglaze® 9947. Wash (etch) primer chromate free suitable for a wide range of substrates including FRP, untreated aluminium, copper, silver, gold, galvanised steel and many other alloys. Allows compliance with regulations such as REACh if chromate pigments are not permitted.
  • Aeroglaze® 9929. Epoxy primer containing chromates is suitable for a wide range of treated metal substrates. This primer additionally conforms to the requirements of Mil-P-23377.
  • Aeroglaze® 9741. Epoxy primer chromate free suitable for a wide range of treated metal substrates. Allows compliance with regulations such as REACh if chromate pigments are not permitted.

Key Performance and Specification Data

ConductivityZ307Resistance ohms/
100 - 100,000Ω
(typically 2800Ω)
Lord Corporation
Hemispheric reflectanceZ306λ 546nm @ 20°
incidence angle
0.048 NASA Heaney 1992NASA Heaney 1992
Hemispheric reflectanceZ306λ 5 - 25 μm0.08 - 0.11Persky 1999
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer 9929)TML0.60%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer 9929)CVCM0.01%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer P123)TML1.55%ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer P123)CVCM0.00%ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer P123)RML0.47%ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
OutgassingZ307 (+ primer 9924)TML0.80%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingZ307 (+ primer 9924)CVCM0.04%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingA276TML0.99%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingA276CVCM0.08%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingA276TML0.57%NASA Ellis & Jaworske 2009
OutgassingA276CVCM0.01%NASA Ellis & Jaworske 2009
Solar AbsorptanceZ306αs0.96NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1984
Solar AbsorptanceZ306αs0.95ESA ECSS-Q-70-09
Solar AbsorptanceA276αs0.263NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1985
Temperature resistanceZ306-150°C to +130°CLord Corporation
Temperature resistanceZ307-150°C to +130°CLord Corporation
Temperature resistanceA276450K 500hrs in
NASA Ellis & Jaworske 2009
Temperature resistanceA276-150°C to +130°CLord Corporation
Thermal EmissivityZ306εn0.91NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1986
Total Hemispherical emittanceZ306εn0.9ESA ECSS-Q-70-09
Total Hemispherical emittanceZ306εn0.86Lord Corporation
Thermal EmissivityA276εn0.86NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1987

Chemglaze® Coatings

Chemglaze® coatings serve a variety of specific industrial applications such as coating the interior of aluminium smelting pits.
Product Application Specification
Chemglaze® 9942 Coating for aluminium smelting/casting pits
Chemglaze® A080 Polyurethane finish for surface protection