About Us

Pexa is a supplier of high technology materials to the aerospacedefenceenergy and electronics industries. We are trusted partners of brand leading industrial product manufacturers; we employ progressive supply chain systems to deliver our promises.

Our mission is to assist our customers to meet their own business objectives using our products and services; these products include surface finishing materials, aircraft maintenance products, application equipment and unique packaging solutions.

Pexa is not just a distributor of high tech materials. We work in close partnership with materials manufacturers, to ensure that we offer a comprehensive support package for the selection and use of all the products that we supply.

Not only for the best technical outcome but also for optimal economy and value for money. We manage inventory and maintain the capability to remodel and package materials in line with individual end use requirements.

We are flexible and aim to enable our customers to meet their own business objectives. Our staff are experienced and trained in aerospace and defence industry practices and our quality management and traceability systems meet the most stringent requirements of the industry.

All products are approved for aerospace application and carry the appropriate certification. We understand environmental, health/safety and regulatory compliance issues and can help customers to achieve and exceed requirements using the products we supply.

Our materials centre (click here for more details) is designed and equipped to ensure that orders can be picked or mixed, packed and ready to ship in line with our customer’s needs.  Contact us today to discuss your materials requirements and how we can help you to succeed.


Pexa is a member of Aerochemicals: a dynamic alliance of international specialists in specific markets within the aerospace industry. Providing a wide range of critical chemical products, services and technical support. Aerochemicals provides a worldwide customer service network with over 9 manufacturing locations, 40 sales offices, 7 laboratories and 250 staff.