Pexa is the authorised European distributor for Everlube Products. A division of Curtiss Wright, Everlube Products manufactures Solid (Dry) Film lubricants. These are thin film surface coatings which form a protective layer with lubricant properties. They protect the substrate and offer permanent lubricant properties which reduce friction and resist wear.

Everlube Lubricants

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High performance resins are combined with lubricious pigments including PTFE, molybdenum disulphide and graphite, to provide a permanent protective layer. Formulations are heat cured or air drying depending on application requirements and available in solvent and water based compositions. Pexa has years of experience in supporting the application of these products and can assist with the implementation in any process. catalogue-download        


Everlube Products range includes the following well known brands:
  • Everlube®
  • Lube-Lok®
  • Lubri-Bond®
  • Ecoalube®
  • Ever-Slik®
  • Esnalube™
  • Perma-Slik®
  • Kal-Gard®
  • Electrobond®
  • Formkote®
  • Henco-Mask™
  • Electrolube®
  • Evershield
  • Henco-Phos
Metal to metal contact areas are prone to a variety of performance issues which can be improved by the use of Everlube solid film lubricants, these improvements include Wear resistance, Friction reduction, Galling reduction, Heat resistance, Fluid resistance, Corrosion resistance, Torque/tension reduction, Interference fit improvement, No dirt pick up and High load resistance. Application is by spraying, dipping, brushing, spray/ tumbling or dip/tumbling. Most solid film coating lubricants achieve optimum wear properties when applied to a total thickness between 7 and 17 microns and when the lubricant is applied in very thin, multiple, uniform coats.


Everlube products are applied on mating surfaces in a wide variety of environments. Applications include - Pipe joints, O Rings, rivets, bolts, valves, actuators, aerospace components, engine components, turbine blade roots, armaments, strikers, springs and bearings.

Product Approvals, from a list of >2000

DoD/Mil Std/SAE
Mil-L-25504Everlube® 620
Mil-L-8937DEverlube® 620C
Mil-L-PRF-46010HEverlube® 9002
Mil-L-46010E Type 2Ecoalube® 642
Mil-L-46010E Type 1Everlube® 620C
Mil-L-23398 Type 1 & 2Lubri-Bond® 220, Perma-Slik® G
Mil-PRF-46147CPerma-Slik® G
AS5272 Type 1Everlube® 620C, Lube-Lok® 5306
AS5272 Type 2Ecoalube® 642
AS5272 Type 3Everlube® 9002
BMS 3-8F Type 1Everlube® 620
BMS 3-8F Type 2Everlube® 9001
ABP 1-4055Everlube® 9002, Perma-Slik® G
AIMS 04 04 029Lubri-Bond® 220, Perma-Slik® GLF
I+D-N-21Everlube® 620
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
PWA474Ecoalube® 642
PWA36204Everlube® 9002