Spraylat Conductive Coatings provide excellent performance in EM Shielding and other applications where electrical conductivity is required.

Spraylat Conductive & EMC Coatings

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Pexa is the authorised distributor and service partner for Spraylat's range of highly conductive EMC coatings and inks for the UK & Ireland. Coatings offer an excellent alternative to plating processes such as electroless plating or vacuum metallisation. Spraylat's coatings are easily applied to complex geometries and can be retrofitted to most products. Spraylat's product range includes products suitable for a wide range of applications including:
  • aerospace/avionics applications
  • antennas
  • business equipment
  • cable boxes, receivers
  • consumer electronics, TV's
  • display
  • entertainment systems
  • industrial/auto control systems
  • laptop computers
  • medical equipment
  • military weapon systems
  • mobile phones
  • network/satellite systems
  • GPS
  • PDAs, pagers
  • security navigation systems
  • test instruments, monitors
Spraylat's electrically conductive coatings are available in both "Safe on Substrate" solvent based and water based formulations. Important product properties are safeguarded by Spraylat's product development process. These properties include:
  • Layer thickness
  • Electrical performance
  • SAR protection
  • Adhesion & cohesion
  • Substrate compatibility.


Spraylat's products are tested to important industrial norms such as:
  • Ohms per square
  • Point to point resistivity
  • ASTM D4935-89 shielding effectiveness
  • Mil-STD-285
  • SAR according to FCC, IEC and CENELEC standards
In addition to the full range of Spraylat conductive coatings Pexa supplies Spraylat's ranges of: Printed Circuit Materials:
  • Polymer thick film ink technology
  • Silver conductive inks
  • UV cured dielectric insulator inks
  • Applications include membrane switches, keypads or circuitry
Speciality Products
  • ESD Coatings
  • Coloured conductive coatings
  • Lightning protection
  • Applications include satellite dishes and radar domes
Properties of a selection of products from Spraylat's range:
Product Code Type Pigmentation Typical layer thickness for optimal performance µ Typical resistivity Ohms/square
599B3755 Solvent based Copper 12.5 - 25.0 0.01 - 0.018
599B3740 Solvent based Hybrid 7.5 - 17.5 0.006 - 0.008
599B3730 Solvent based Silver 5.0 - 12.5 0.002 - 0.003
599Z6103 Water based Copper 12.5 - 25.0 0.015 - 0.02
599Z6098 Water based Hybrid 12.5 - 25.0 0.01 - 0.014
599Z3000 Water based Copper 12.5 - 25.0 0.02 - 0.03