Pexa es el distribuidor autorizado de toda la línea de productos Socomore para el tratamiento de superficies.

Socomore Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds

Pexa es el distribuidor autorizado de toda la línea de productos Socomore para el tratamiento de superficies. Socomore es un fabricante líder a nivel mundial de materiales que se utilizan en el acabado de superficies en la industria aeronáutica, militar y de transporte. Su línea de productos está conformada por los siguientes grupos clave:

Disolventes y paños

Socomore ha desarrollado una incomparable variedad de disolventes de limpieza aprobados para las principales especificaciones de producto y aplicaciones. En la línea Diestone, por ejemplo, se encuentra el Diestone DLS, un limpiador de superficies seguro y eficaz, que ha sido aprobado por las empresas líderes en la fabricación de aeronaves. Pexa ofrece toda la gama de disolventes en paños saturados aptos para la aplicación en todas las capas. Los paños están disponibles en diversos tamaños para todo tipo de productos y vienen en dispensadores de uso muy sencillo. Las Satwipes, Socosat y Prosat conforman la línea de paños textiles no tejidos de gran eficacia para la limpieza; dejan poca pelusa y no dañan las capas.

Compuestos inhibidores de la corrosión

Socomore tiene una línea de inhibidores de la corrosión, como Socopac y Wadis, que repelen el agua y ofrecen una completa protección preventiva contra la corrosión a todos los tipos de capas metálicas que se utilizan en la industria aeronáutica y militar.

Limpiadores y tratamientos para superficies

Socomore fabrica una gama completa de productos que respetan el medio ambiente. Los limpiadores Sococlean de base acuosa pueden sustituir a los disolventes tradicionales en muchas tareas. Los desoxidantes Socosurf –que no contienen cloro ni flúor- están aprobados para su aplicación en la industria aeronáutica y los tratamientos Socogel Sol-Gel para superficies son una buena alternativa a los promotores de adherencia que contienen cromo. buy_now   Key products: Socopac 65H - The new industry standard, approved to Airbus AIMS 09 08 003 type 3 Grade 2. Suitable for application throughout the aircraft structure to provide super long lasting, high penetration, heavy duty corrosion resistance. Forms a tack Download Technical Datasheetfree film on painted and unpainted structures. download   Socopac 50S - Long term, film forming, corrosion inhibiting compound, approved to AIMS 09 08 003 Type 2 Grade 1. Low fogging formula, suitable for use throughout the airframe, the flexible film prevents corrosive media from contacting sensitive substrates and assemblies throughout the structure. Compatible with all painted and unpainted, metallic and non-metallic substrates. Suitable Download Technical Datasheetfor application after Socopac 25H or Wadis 24. download   Socopac 25H - Super penetrating, water displacing, corrosion inhibiting temporary protection, approved to AIMS 09 08 003 Type 1 Grade 2. Penetrates and displaces water from all areas of the structure, however small. Compatible with all Download Technical Datasheetpainted and unpainted, metallic and non-metallic substrates. download   Wadis 24 - Super penetrating, water displacing compound, approved to AIMS 09 08 003 Type 1 Grade 1. Leaves a soft translucent film, which does not build up even in repeated applications. Compatible with all other lubricants, including hydraulic and machining fluids. Also suitable Download Technical Datasheetfor dipping processes. download    

Product Availabilty

Aerosol 5 Litre 20 Litre 210 Litre
Socopac 65H Y Y Y N
Socopac 50S Y Y Y N
Socopac 25H Y Y Y N
Wadis 24 Y Y Y Y

Product Approvals

Specification Product Status


AIMS 09 08 003 Type 1 Grade 1 Wadis 24 Approved
AIMS 09 08 003 Type 1 Grade 3 Socopac 25H Approved
AIMS 09 08 003 Type 2 Grade 1 Socopac 50S Approved
AIMS 09 08 003 Type 3 Grade 2 Socopac 65H Approved
TN A.007.10138 Type 1 Grade 1 Wadis 24 Approved
TN A.007.10138 Type 2 Grade 2 Socopac 25H Approved
TN A.007.10138 Type 2 Grade 2 Socopac 50S Approved
CML 05-611 Wadis 24 Listed
CML 15-004 Wadis 24 Listed
CML 15-005 Socopac 25H Listed
CML 15-007 Socopac 50S Listed


BMS 3-29 Socopac 65H Meets requirements
BMS 3-35 Socopac 65H Meets requirements
BMS 3-23 Wadis 24 Meets requirements
BMS 3-23 Socopac 25H Meets requirements

DoD Mil-Std

Mil-C-16173 Grade 3 Wadis 24 Meets requirements
Mil-C-16173 Grade 2 & 3 Socopac 25H Meets requirements
Mil-C-16173 Grade 1 Socopac 50S Meets requirements
Mil-C-16173 Grade 1 & 4 Socopac 65H Meets requirements


CMS 565-06 Type 1 Socopac 65H Meets requirements
CMS 565-06 Type 2 Socopac 65H Approved


DGQT 1.7.0103 Type 3 Socopac 50S Approved
DGQT 1.7.0103 Type 1 Socopac 25H Approved

Socomore Diestone DLS

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The New World of Aerospace Solvent Cleaning Drive down solvent emissions and meet your EPA requirements, with Socomore Diestone DLS Pexa is stockist and distributor of the class leading Socomore Diestone DLS cleaning solvent. Socomore is one of Europe's leading producers of approved high tech materials for the protection and treatment of aerospace and defence equipment. buy_now     Airbus and BAE Systems approved for aerospace application
  • High cleaning/degreasing power
  • No residues
  • Suitable for small parts and large aircraft sections
  • Low vapour pressure means reduced consumption
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents, toluene or glycol ethers
  • 4 different application methods:
  • Pre-saturated wipes using Contec aerospace approved cloths (see below)
  • 5 & 30 litre tins for wipe on/wipe off application on large areas
  • Aerosol spray with tube for precise application (500 ml)
  • Low pressure spray for efficient non-atomising surface wetting and wipe off on larger surfaces
download     Pre-saturated wipes using Contec aerospace approved cloths The best quality solution:
  • 30% reduction in wastage costs
  • 65% reduction in solvent consumption
  • Each wipe will clean 10 x its own surface area
  • Self closing container


LOGO SOCOMORE 2012 corelec6_188_141_s
Pexa is the authorised distributor of the Socomore range of surface treatment products, including Socosurf. The chrome and fluorine free deoxidisers are approved for aerospace application and are an alternative to chrome containing adhesion promoters. Socosurf is designed for the etching and deoxidation of aluminium and its alloys after degreasing or removal, especially adapted for use prior to anodising, chemical milling and conversion operations. It consists of a two-part bath, which permits an economical control of active components. Advantages
  • Chromate-free product
  • reduced handling risk
  • safer effluent
  • meets future specifications
  • Fluoride-free product
  • no preferential attacks due to fluoride & stability of etching rate
  • Easy to monitor bath consistency
  • Corrosion performances satisfy the requirements
  • Longer life than existing products: more economical, less frequent bath renewal, less waste to treat.
  • Complies with current environmental and safety requirements.
  • AIRBUS France : IPDA 62-03, 62-16, 62-02, 62-21, 62-23, 27-05
  • AIRBUS Group : AIPI 02-01-003, 02-01-002, 02-05-001
  • EADS CASA : Z-23321
Many aerospace treatments companies are looking at their deoxidiser process to make sure it is fit for the coming changes in the industry including:
  • The Airbus Chromate Free (ACF) programme of which the A350 is leading the way in introducing chrome free alternatives to traditional materials.
  • Tartaric Sulphuric Acid anodising which will become increasingly used as a replacement for chromic acid anodising and which must be carried out with appropriate chrome free pre-treatments.
  • REACH, this new legislation is starting to cause some hazardous substances to be withdrawn