Adhetec Masking Tapes

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Adhetec have been supplying paint shops operators worldwide, for the past 30 years.

Their various technical experiences and cooperations have allowed them to build a complete product range to covers all paint requirements, delivering innovative, efficient and qualitative solutions at affordable prices, under short lead time.

From masking and lining tapes for stripping and painting, to spray masks, stencils and positioning templates, as well as decorative and protective films, Adhetec provides the best materials available on the market.



Global Mask

Pexa has partnered with Global Mask to offer our customers a complete solution for masking prior to painting.

Global Mask offers an extensive range of masking products. Their product range includes a full assortment of masking products for all wet paint and powder applications.

Masking Tapes

In a complete range of widths from 3mm to 1.3M and in imperial and metric dimensions. Products include:

  • Green polyester tape, temperature resistant to 204°C
  • Polyimide Kapton tape, temperature resistant to 260°C
  • Yellow vinyl tape for electroplating, temperature resistant to 80°C
  • Lead foil tape, temperature resistant to 105°C

Masking Discs

We can supply die cuts in any customer shape in any of our tape products. This can range from simple squares to complex shapes and kits of shapes made to match any drawing.

Masking Die Cuts

We can supply die cuts in any customer shape in any of our tape products. This can range from simple squares to complex shapes and kits of shapes made to match any drawing.

Masking Plugs

We offer plugs for any size of hole in silicone rubber, temperature resistant to 315°C and EPDM resistant to 250°C. Plugs are reusable and made to exact tolerances. Products include:

  • Plain conical stoppers
  • Hollow stoppers
  • Cork stoppers
  • Flangeless ribbed stoppers
  • Washer plugs
  • Blind hole thread mask plugs
  • Tube insert plugs
  • Shallow tube plugs
  • Pull plugs
  • Weld nut plugs
  • Mousetail Plugs

Masking Caps

We offer caps for any size of thread or post in Silicone rubber, temperature resistant to 315°C, EPDM, resistant to 250°C, disposable, resistant to 165°C products include:

  • Venting caps
  • Round end caps
  • Flat caps
  • Washer caps
  • Flanged caps
  • Conical caps

We also supply a full range of tubing, cord and sheeting that can be cut to size for any application.

tesa Masking Tapes

tesa-4323_188_133_s tesa-aluminium-tapestesa-cream-tape tesa-tapestesa-fine-line-tapes
Pexa is an authorised focus distributor for tesa masking tapes to the aerospace industry. We keep stocks of masking tapes and can supply tapes for numerous different applications, together with advice about the correct selection of tapes for particular applications.





General Purpose Masking Tape

Tesa 4323 is a high quality general purpose paper masking tape with temperature resistance up to 50°C. Standard sizes include 12mm, 25mm and 50mm but special sizes are also available.

Difficult Substrates

For substrates such as high solids primers, which can be difficult to mask, we offer tesa 4308 blue paper tape in 25mm and50mm widths. It is resistant to temperatures up to 135°C.

High Temperatures

Tesa produce a range of masking tapes for higher temperature applications. We have selected a range of tapes suitable for aerospace paint masking applications including

  • 4316 cream tape <100°C
  • 4304 brown tape <140°C
  • 4330 cream tape <140°C
  • 4318PV2 cream tape <160°C
  • 4331 cream tape <200°C

Fine line Tapes

For sharp edges and good adhesion and strength we have selected the following tesa fine line tapes.

  • 4322 is a highly creped paper tape in 12mm, 25mm and 50mm widths, which allows very tight curves to be marked.

Our plastic fine line tapes include tesa 4104, which is particularly suitable for pulling very long lines as it gives very low levels of deformation. For very complex curves we recommend tesa 4174 tape.

Aluminium Tapes

For paint stripping or aggressive applications we offer tesa 50575 linered aluminium tape which at 80 microns thickness, provides maximum protection to sensitive substrates.