Revestimientos para militares

HMG Defence and Industrial Coatings

HMG Paints is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of paints and coatings. HMG produce a wide range of high quality industrial coatings for practically every purpose.

Pexa and HMG Paints have worked together for many years and Pexa is the authorised distributor for HMG’s range of coatings for the defence industry.

HMG’s product range includes corrosion resistant primers, functional topcoats including CARC and IRR materials approved to UK defence standards. Important specifications such as Def Stan 80-208, Def Stan 00-72 and STANAG 4360 are available. Pexa provides a full sales and delivery service combined with post sale technical support and training.


With such a wide range of products including single and multi-pack coatings HMG have paints suitable for nearly every purpose. Equipment such as containers, trailers, vehicles, bridges and armour can all be coated with HMG Paints. HMG provide a full range of fluid resistant 2 component products as well as single pack primers, enamels and water based products for new and legacy specifications.

Compliance and Sustainability

All products conform to the relevant defence specifications. In most cases high solids or water based equivalents are available to reduce solvent emissions. The Def Stan 80-206 primer system is a fully chromate free primer suitable for all ferrous substrates. Pexa manages export licences and end user documentation to ensure compliance with export restrictions.


The Def Stan 80-208 system is a fully IRR finish, meeting the important British Standard colour references BS381C285 NATO Green and BS381C361 Light Stone. This system is tested and approved by the UK MoD to the CARC requirements of Def Stan 80-208 and STANAG 4360. Test reports and certificates are available on request.

Types of coating

  • Wash Primers
  • Epoxy Primers
  • Alkyd Primers and Finishes
  • Enamels
  • Wood Coatings
  • 2K CARC Coatings
  • Anti Slip Coatings

Recubrimientos para la industria militar

Hentzen miltary-coatings_188_125_s miltary-defence-coatings_188_132_s American-Defence-Coatings_copy_188_188_s
Axon Hentzen fabrica una amplia gama de recubrimientos para aparatos militares, que cumplen con las especificaciones exigidas en los Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido y Europa. Entre sus productos se pueden encontrar pinturas de imprimación, pinturas de base y acabados, con propiedades como protección contra la corrosión, recubrimiento resistente a los agentes químicos y reflexión en el infrarrojo. Suministramos nuestros productos a los principales fabricantes de equipos originales. Son de fácil aplicación y cumplen los más exigentes requisitos respecto a los compuestos orgánicos volátiles y de formulación. Los productos que ofrecemos vienen en distintas presentaciones: epoxi, uretano, convencional, base acuosa y una fórmula con alto contenido de sólidos.

Especificaciones técnicas:

DOD-P-15328D Primer (Wash) Pretreatment (Forumla #117 for Metals)
MIL-C-8514 Primer (Wash) Pretreatement
MIL-P-53030, Type II Primer, Epoxy Coating, Water Reducible, Lead & Chromate FreeMixing Ratio 5:1 by Volume with Component B, 16835CEP
A-A-59745 Zinc Rich Primer*Mixing Ratio 4:1 by Volume with Component B, 06888CEH-3
MIL-DTL-53039C, Type I 3.5 VOC Zenthane®, Siliceous,Single Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating, Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC), U.S Patent #4304706
MIL-DTL-53039C, Type II 1.5 VOC VOHAPS-Free Zenthane®, Siliceous,Single Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating, Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC)
MIL-DTL-53039C, Type III 1.5 VOC VOHAPS-Free Zenthane®, Polymeric Bead FlattenedSingle Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating, Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC)
MIL-DTL-53039C, Type IV 1.0 VOC VOHAPS-Free Zenthane®, Silica Free, Polymeric Bead FlattenedSingle Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating, Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC)
MIL-DTL-53039C, Type VII Aerosol Touch-Up, Polymeric Bead Flattened
MIL-DTL-53039C, Type IX Maximum 3.5 VOC VOHAP-Free, Polymeric Bead Flattened
MIL-DTL-64159A, Type I Coating, Water Dispersible Aliphatic Polyurethane, Chemical Agent Resistant
MIL-PRF-22750F Coating, Epoxy-Polyamide, 1.8 VOC
MIL-P-14105D Paint, Heat Resistant
A-A-59166 Coating Compound, Nonslip (for walkways) – Non-Skid Zenthane®Type II Rough Texture (With Grit)
MIL-C-450C Coating Compound, Bituminous Solvent Type
MIL-DTL-11195G, Type II 3.5 VOC, Single Component Alkyd Ammunition Coating

* Please note that certain products are subject to ITAR export licensing, Pexa will take care of your arrangements for this.