Pexapaint-dispensing-tank non-agitated-solvent-dispenser
The Pexa Minitank range has been specifically designed for quick and easy dispensing of non-agitated paints and solvents such as Aerowave Primer 2001 and Topcoat 3003.

Easy to install and simple to fill, use and clean, the Pexa Minitank eliminates tiresome decanting of paints and solvents enabling users to have frequently used materials dispensed at the turn of a tap.

The Minitank range is manufactured in West Yorkshire using British stainless steel and can be wall mounted.

The Pexa Minitank is available in two sizes; Minitank 1 with a capacity of 15L and Minitank 2, capacity 5L.

For more information on the Minitank range, please contact us on 01422 314400.