Equipo decapante de pintura

Sofiplast Ecological Paint Stripping Equipment

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Pexa is the official UK agent for the Sofiplast range of ecological wheat starch paint stripping equipment. The Sofiplast system uses dry wheatstarch in a low pressure stream to remove paint from any substrate.

Key advantages of the system are:

  • Quick and efficient process
  • No harmful chemicals required
  • Safe for all substrates including composites, plastics and thin metals
  • Approved for aerospace applications
  • Low pressure application 1-3.5 bars means low energy and noise
  • Leaves a smooth “ready to go” surface
  • Allows selective stripping of specific layers of paint

The process is approved for use by Boeing, Beech and Bombardier and is used in numerous aerospace facilities in Europe.

Pexa can arrange trial stripping of your components, viewable stripping of your products at the Sofiplast facilities or on site demonstration at your facilities.

Technical information

The details below are for information purposes only and can vary depending on the application:

  • Stripping rate up to 15m²/hour.
  • Media used from 5 to 8 kg/hour (can be re-used).
  • Working pressure between 1 and 3,5 bars.
  • Low pressure ensures reduced air consumption.

For example with a 10mm nozzle the consumption of compressed air:

  • with a 2 bar-pressure is equivalent to 2200L/min
  • with a 6 bar-pressure is equivalent to 8200L/min

This gives an average of 6000L/min, equivalent to 360m3/min.