Coronavirus Covid-19 Statement 16-3-20

Coronavirus Covid-19 Statement 16-3-20

Due to the daily changing situation we are issuing this updated statement and we may issue further updates when any changes arise.

We are looking at the impact as follows

  1. We intend to remain open for business throughout and to continue to provide an excellent service to our customers. We are taking measures to improve hygiene and reduce the opportunity for transmission inside and outside Pexa. That includes minimising face to face meetings, using video meetings instead of travelling and organising home working as required for parts of the team.
  2. At the moment our suppliers are not reporting any shortages of raw materials which affect supplies. Like everyone they will be impacted by national rules about travelling to work and by potential staff shortages due to illness. We will keep ahead of that and if there are any schedule changes we will notify them as soon as possible.
  3. Transport is more difficult, the number of cargo flights from the USA will be dramatically reduced and we may see lead times impacted due to that. Our carriers are also limited by customer’s own restrictions on receiving deliveries and we are trying to liaise with customers to plan deliveries accordingly.
  4. As the situation continues we may see problems with industry activity levels and programme slowdowns could arise could arise. We are planning for the next 4 months to ensure our own viability, minimising our costs and maximising our cash flow to make sure that we can cope with any sudden fluctuations in the market.

Pexa celebrates Nycote’s 60th Anniversary with the European Launch of Nycote 99 EcoShield

Pexa celebrates Nycote’s 60th Anniversary with the European Launch of Nycote 99 EcoShield

Nycote Laboratories Inc. produced its first batch of Nycote© – Nylon based thin film protective coating in 1959 and now celebrates it’s 60th year of supplying high quality protective coatings to the aerospace industry around the World.

Pexa is Nycote’s European distribution partner and we join with Nycote in celebrating this great achievement.

As Nycote now looks to the future, Pexa is pleased to announce the launch of the latest generation of Nycote products “Nycote 99 EcoShield”. This product delivers the same thin film Nylon/Epoxy combination with a more user friendly formula, having a longer shelf life single component formulation and a reduced HSE footprint. Product testing to date shows equal and better performance than the classic Nycote 7-11 and Nycote 88 formulas which are used on nearly every passenger jet aircraft made in Europe and the Americas.

Pexa is pleased to introduce Nycote 99 EcoShield to the European market and we are supporting customers with their approval process, including sampling, arranging for product testing and application training. Nycote products have many applications where protection from degradation, corrosion and environmental attack are required. Both metallic and non-metallic components can benefit from a thin layer of easy to apply coating. Typical applications include bonding points, conformal electronics installations, identification markings, fasteners, sealants and protection of a wide range of other sensitive structures.

Pexa’s Jim Rowbotham said “We congratulate Nycote on their 60 years of continuous production of Nycote, it’s a fabulous achievement. The way that Nycote holds up in service I am sure some of those items coated with Nycote in 1959 are still out there. This longevity gives us great confidence in the performance of Nycote 99 EcoShield as we introduce it to Europe”.

For more details of Nycote’s history see their 60th Anniversary blog.

ADDEV Materials broadens its offering of custom solutions by acquiring both ANDPAK and ZIP-CHEM® in the US

ADDEV Materials broadens its offering of custom solutions by acquiring both ANDPAK and ZIP-CHEM® in the US

ADDEV Materials is delighted to announce the acquisition of two US Companies, ANDPAK and Zip- Chem. ANDPAK, specializing in custom packaging of chemicals for the aeronautics industry and Zip- Chem, which formulates and manufactures surface preparation products, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants and avionics cleaners. These acquisitions are a clear signal of the group’s vision of growth in the North American and European aviation sectors.

For almost 40 years, ANDPAK has designed a vast range of innovative custom packaging for liquid products such as adhesives, sealants, paints, greases and other chemical compounds.
ANDPAK offers the packaging solution its customers need for their applications, and seeks to improve their productivity, user safety and traceability, while reducing costs and environmental impact that results from waste and wasted material.

ANDPAK has production sites in Morgan Hill (California), Minneapolis (Minnesota) and West Yorkshire (UK). It has positioned itself close to key customers, such Boeing and Airbus and is capable of global reach.

“ANDPAK works with its customers to specify and design innovative packaging solutions with the right format and size for their applications. Our solutions improve industrial performance and safety with minimum waste and therefore less impact on the environment”, explains Dick Varien, General Manager of ANDPAK.

Zip-Chem envisions, formulates, manufactures and packages several complimentary product lines to address the corrosion control programs in the aviation industry. All products carry the mandated AMS quality tested material specification in addition to military and commercial airframe manufacturer certifications.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area in California with warehouse and logistics centers in Morgan Hill (California), Everett (Washington), and Singapore, Zip-Chem has expert chemists and an R&D that for many years have been formulated and successfully tested products vital to the aviation industry.

“Zip-Chem product lines are ranging from surface preparation products and adhesion promoters AP-1 under the Sur-Prep® Brand; specialty coolants under the Accu-Cool® brand along with specialty lubricants under Aero-lubeTM; short and long term corrosion inhibiting compounds under the Cor-Ban® brand; inclusive of aircraft appearance products for interior and exterior application under the Calla® brand. Being now part of ADDEV Materials is a great opportunity to expand our products’ sales toward Europe” points out Chuck Pottier, President of Zip-Chem.

“The acquisition of ANDPAK and Zip-Chem is the highpoint of 2019, which has been pivotal for ADDEV Materials’ vision with regard to the aviation industry after the integration of PEXA and PSG in the aviation paint and coatings business in UK, and the construction of a new industrial site dedicated to custom packaging in Toulouse, France.

The energy and expertise of our teams has enabled us today to achieve our ambition: that of becoming an international specialty player in custom chemicals for Aerospace and Defense”, concludes Julien Duvanel, CEO of ADDEV Materials (Aerospace & Defense – Chemicals & Custom Packaging).

Pexa Queen’s Award Reception and Presentation 29th July 2019

Pexa Queen’s Award Reception and Presentation 29th July 2019

Today Pexa was pleased to welcome the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire to present the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade for outstanding growth in overseas sales, increasing by more than 70% over the past 3 years.

The Queen’s Award is the UK’s most prestigious business award and is presented to companies that have made a significant contribution in their category. This year 129 companies have been recognised for International Trade and only 6 companies in West Yorkshire have been honoured in 2019.

Pexa held a reception for friends of their business and staff today. Customers, suppliers, trade associations and local government were all represented as the company took time out to celebrate their success.

Receiving the award on behalf of the company Managing Director Jim Rowbotham said “the whole company has won this award and that is the result of a group of people working towards a common goal. International sales are now 40% of the company’s turnover and the team enjoys the challenge of meeting the needs of customers in over 40 countries”.

The Lord Lieutenant Ed Anderson read from the official message from Her Majesty the Queen and presented the crystal award vase.

Pexa was very pleased to support local caterers RachAl’s Kitchen and magician Luke Lenihan who provided great food and entertainment.

For More Info contact



Pexa issue first REACH Bulletin after the Chromate Sunset dates!

Pexa issue first REACH Bulletin after the Chromate Sunset dates!


The EU REACH Regulation 1907/2006 creates a regime for the control of chemicals with a wide scope. We have described much on this subject in previous bulletins. There is a particular focus on hexavalent chromates for the aerospace industry in 2019. These substances are extremely effective corrosion inhibitors and have assured the structural integrity of generations of aircraft. However, exposure to them is harmful to health and they have been classified under REACH as SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern). Restricted SVHCs are listed in Annex 14 of REACH and can be viewed via the following link:

The first sunset date (date from which they cannot be used without authorisation) for chromates contained in paints has now been passed (22/01/2019). Pexa is implementing concrete actions to ensure our compliance with REACH and to safeguard our customers, ensuring that we only supply REACH compliant products.


Although the “sunset date” has passed for these chromates, at the moment ECHA has not published the authorisations; substances with Application for Authorisation (AfA) are considered to be authorised pending the final decision. This is with the REACH committee of the European Commission and a publication date is awaited. We are working on the basis that an extension period will be approved, based on the 7 years (from the sunset date) in the applications and that will mean another review in 2026. However, until the authorisation is published, this is not guaranteed and there is a risk either of no authorisation or a shorter review period, (as has been the case for the recent authorisation of chromium trioxide for the CTAC consortium, which has a 4 year review from the date of publication rather than the sunset date for certain applications). As the sunset date has passed, it is now required to act as if the pending authorisation has been granted and therefore Applications for Authorisation “AfA” are to be considered as if they were authorisations. Pexa is therefore only supplying products which are either subject to an AfA or an authorisation if published.

We are in the process of adding the AfA reference number to our product descriptions for applicable products which will appear on our delivery paperwork and CofC so that compliance is certified. AfAs are made through one of the consortia which has made applications on behalf of suppliers. The two main consortia for coatings applications are CCST and GCCA. Pexa’s protocol for declaring the AfA is to first use the CCST AfA if there is one and, if not, we will use the GCCA or individual applicant AfA (some products have a single applicant where the use is for a specific product application). We will state the applicable AfA reference for the use of the products by our customers in preference to the AfA reference for the production of the products. We will use the AfA reference closest to the producer of the substance or product.

Please see examples below:

Substance CAS AfA Example products
strontium chromate 7789-06-2 CCST 0046-02 Aerowave 2001, 37092, 10-P4-2NF, 10-P20-13, plus many others
GCCA 0117-01 BR6747-1
potassium hydroxyoctaoxodizincatedichromate 11103-86-9 CCST 0047-02 PR30BZP
pentazinc chromate octahydroxide 49663-84-5 CCST 0118-02 454-4-1, 463-6-4, 364-1-6, 03174YVP



When the authorisation is published there will be a new phase of registrations, as product users will need to register with the relevant authority in their country as a product user. At that stage we expect additional control measures to be required including health surveillance and increased PPE, these will be based on the “exposure scenarios” outlined in the authorisation (see reference to Best Practice Sheets later in this bulletin). Therefore, our recommendation is, wherever possible, to switch to a chromate free alternative which will avoid this additional activity. Pexa has a wide range of industry leading product solutions in this area and it is possible in many situations to eliminate the chromates and therefore the control measures.

After publication of the authorisation Pexa will have to keep a record of which parties have purchased the authorised products and we may be required to obtain written confirmation from our customers that their product usage is within the scope of the authorisation. At that point the actual text of the scope will become important. For CCST products containing strontium chromate that is currently “Application of paints, primers and specialty coatings containing Strontium Chromate in the construction of aerospace and aeronautical parts, including aeroplanes / helicopters, spacecraft, satellites, launchers, engines, and for the maintenance of such constructions”. The authorisation numbers will be stated on labels and SDS when available.

Downstream users will need to notify ECHA (or their national equivalent regulator) of their use of any of the authorised SVHCs within the 3 months of their first use of the product after the authorisation is granted. At that stage Pexa will notify all of its customers of their use of the product and signpost the route for them to make the notification.

ECHA notifications are to be done via the following link after the authorisation has been published:

Further information on notifications if available via:

ECHA recommends the below actions with immediate effect:

• Define programs in your facilities to monitor exposure by inhalation, waste water and exhaust ventilation emissions.
• Keep bystanders away from the spraying process, ideally by spraying in a purpose-designed room.
• Prescribe full face masks for applicators and perform periodic checks on safety gear and risk management measure for applicators.
• Comply with any reports on measurement and monitoring that become available from national enforcement authorities and subsequent authorisation submissions.
• Ensure that uses other than for the aerospace industry are excluded.

We have been obliged to delete a number of products from our range as they are not compliant with the proposed authorisation. In all cases we have a variety of solutions with technical case notes to support their use as alternatives.

Unregistered SVHCs

In a small number of cases we have identified chromates (for example Zinc Chromate CAS 13530-65-9) which are hexavalent and carcinogenic but which are not specifically listed in Annex 14.

These could be considered as unregistered substances and Pexa would be permitted to import <1000Kg/ann into the EU. However, the UK HSE has advised Pexa that where such substances are “recognisably the same” as the SVHC then they should be treated as if they are actually the equivalent SVHC in Annex 14. Pexa intends to act in this way and therefore some speciality products will be deleted from our range. Although our customers may be able to find suppliers willing to deliver such substances we would recommend that they exercise caution to avoid a breach of the regulations.

Other Authorisations

Lead chromate with a similar risk status was also subject to authorisation and an AfA was made and the authorisation granted. However a case was successfully brought by various NGOs (7/3/19) to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to have the authorisation declared illegal. The applicant may appeal but for the moment it seems that lead chromate is effectively not authorised. This case implies that even when an authorisation has been granted it can later be reverses. We expect the commission to exercise increased caution therefore in the granting of future authorisations.

Chromium Trioxide (Chromic Acid) has been similarly affected. A consortium “CTAC” applied for authorisation for its continued use in a variety of processes. That authorisation has been published as a draft only, but not officially released. The draft states that for aerospace uses the authorisation would be for 7 years from the sunset date i.e. 2024. Users of strontium and zinc chromate can look at the text of that authorisation and its supplementary documents for an impression of the requirements which will be likely for these authorisations. However, linked to the lead chromate case above, the Environment Committee of the European Union has passed a motion to the European Parliament plenary to reject the CTAC authorisation. That could have a serious effect on the aerospace industry, particularly for anodising and conversion processes. The Commission will now reconsider the authorisation dossier and will be minded not to repeat the situation with lead chromate. This could mean changes to the authorisation or the scope. A number (approx. 14) of new Chromium Trioxide specific applications have been made following this in order to underpin continued use. The draft authorisation is not issued in statute and the authorisation numbers are not issued as of today and therefore the AfA numbers are still valid.

Pexa is studying this situation in case there are any issues arising with the CCST AfAs which would affect our coatings. We have partnered with Socomore to offer a range of hexavalent chromium free, aerospace approved metal treatments including Socogel and Socosurf TCS/PACS.

Good practice sheets for using Chromium Trioxide in accordance with the AfA can be found here

REACH Article 33

This part of REACH stipulates that if “articles” – i.e. aerospace components or structures have >0.1% w/w of an SVHC in their composition then the customer for the article must be supplied with documentation for the safe use of the article. Based on weighing pre and post-painting or by knowing the weight and surface area of the product, Pexa can help customers to calculate this figure for any affected articles. Our AkzoNobel Aerowave 2001 primer has an extremely low chromate content which makes it feasible to finish components while staying below the 0.1% w/w level. We have determined the weight/surface area ratios of a wide variety of aerospace components which make this calculation easier to do for different coating thicknesses.


In the event of a no deal Brexit or if any deal does not cover this issue, the UK government has prepared a statutory instrument to bring REACH into UK law, “UK REACH”, after Brexit. The UK regulators are DEFRA and the HSE and they are building the REACH IT system to manage registrations and authorisations. The intent is to mirror legally binding REACH requirements in every way and all compliances hitherto valid under REACH will be valid under UK law as long as the registrations and authorisations are complete before the Brexit date.

Problems could arise if the UK leaves the EU without a deal including REACH and especially if that were to happen before authorisations are published, as AfAs are not legally binding and will not be considered extant after the leaving date.  The sunset date would be valid as it will be UK statute, but the AfAs would not be valid as they are not. In this case then possibly new AfAs for UK REACH would be started (if viable). Potentially AfAs that have already reached the commission can be adopted at the discretion of the UK Secretary of State; which to Pexa would seem to be an appropriate action.
If there is a deal which includes that the UK remains within ECHA then REACH will apply, (this is part of the “Chequers deal”) which has not passed through the UK Parliament.

Pexa’s position

Pexa intends to be 100% compliant with REACH and to safeguard our customers against non- compliance as follows

1) We will carry out surveillance on our products for the presence of Annex 14 SVHCs.
2) In case SVHCs are present we will ensure that they are acquired from authorised suppliers with a valid AfA/authorisation and are used for authorised applications as per the scope of the application.
3) In case an affected product cannot be provided from the specified supplier we will propose an equivalent and offer a technical case for the use of the alternative
4) We will notify our customers at the earliest possible moment of the non-availability of a product due to REACH and offer every assistance in identifying and qualifying an alternative
5) We are gradually adding the REACH AfA/authorisation numbers to our product descriptions so that they show on our CofCs. When authorisations ae granted we will update to the authorisation numbers
6) When authorisations are published we will inform affected customers and signpost them to the actions they need to take to comply with the regulations.

© Pexa Ltd. 11th May 2019


Pexa Exhibit at IntAIRCOAT Conference 2019!

Pexa Exhibit at IntAIRCOAT Conference 2019!

Pexa are very pleased to be exhibiting at the IntAIRCOAT Conference 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.

Director of Sales Mark Thompson and Technical Manager Matt Churches represented Pexa Ltd at the event, wearing they’re prestigious Queen’s Award badges with pride. Joining them at the event were Marcie Simpson and Pennie Burnham from Nycote Laboratories Corporation Ltd.

The biennial event provides a platform for experts to discuss the highly specific requirements in the area of aircraft coating and to share their knowledge in this particular field.

Pexa win Prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade 2019!

Pexa win Prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade 2019!

Pexa is the UK’s leading supplier of coatings and surface treatment products to aerospace and other high-tech engineering markets. “We are thrilled to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the first time”, says Jim Rowbotham, founder and Managing Director. “HRH The Duke of York was kind enough to declare our new premises open when we moved here a couple of years ago. He suggested we try for the award and, encouraged by that, we did. Thanks to him for giving us a push in this direction”.

The Queen’s Award is the UK’s most prestigious business award and is presented to companies that have made a significant contribution in their category. This year 129 companies have been recognised for International Trade. Pexa’s award is for outstanding growth in overseas sales with sales increasing by more than 70% over the past 3 years.

Pexa began in 2002 as a business based on specialist know-how in aerospace coatings and establishing a unique position in the market, genuinely working with its supplier partners to develop strategies for commercialising, delivering and technically supporting their products. Pexa’s customers’ are high-tech engineering companies; manufacturing and maintaining aircraft & defence equipment, energy infrastructure and electronics.  Our key products are surface treatments, paints and NDT products. They have very high-performance properties but are also subject to chemical regulations and are hazardous for shipping. These are important challenges when supplying them internationally and Pexa’s team is the best in the World at managing these issues and ensuring that our customer’s projects are delivered on time.

We now have more than a thousand customers in over forty countries and we are providing products and services for major projects such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350XWB and the F-35 Lightning II amongst many others. This award is for our growth in International markets of over 70% in the last 3 years. In that time, we have opened new offices and outlets in Spain, southern France, North Africa and India. Apart from growing our business, that has introduced us to many new friends and experiences that make international trade such a pleasure. We have adapted our offer to match different regional needs and established offices with teams recruited in the regions they serve.

“This award is really due to a shared effort from our own team who’s know-how and energy have made the company a success, as well as our supplier partners who have supported us throughout and, of course, our customers and their faith in us which we try to repay every day”.

We have great plans for the future and increasing internationalisation is an important part of them. The aerospace industry will continue to grow globally, our UK roots give us a great knowledge base and experience which helps us to serve our customers very well. We now have the platform on which to build our offer around the World.

ADDEV Materials acquires Graytone

ADDEV Materials acquires Graytone

We are pleased to announce that, as of 4th April 2019, Graytone Ltd will become part of ADDEV Materials, a French owned custom repackaging expert and distributor of high- performance materials specialist for the aerospace and aviation industries, based in Lyon, France. Graytone’s specialist coatings distributors, Pexa and PSG, will continue to operate from their current locations, as separate legal entities, with their own management teams and strategies, as before. Customers and suppliers alike can expect to experience the same professional service and support which they have enjoyed over a period of nearly 50 years.

The acquisition represents a great opportunity for the Graytone group of companies in terms of expanding our global reach through ADDEV Materials’ facilities in Europe and North America. In addition to this, it will offer the potential to widen our product portfolio (aerospace adhesives and sealants, coatings, chemicals, tapes, technical films) to our ever- increasing customer base, and from increased investment, allow us to deliver on our ambitions to grow our business.

We expect excellent synergies between the two organisations. The ADDEV Materials business philosophy is very much in line with the Graytone concept, which is to provide a highly extensive product offering, combined with a high level of technical support, added value converting activities and strong customer service orientation. As part of the ADDEV Materials organisation, we plan to go from strength to strength and our trading partners will benefit from our increased resources and ambition.

For more information on ADDEV Materials and Graytone, please visit our websites:

Pexa mixing system for Aviox 77702 fully commissioned

Pexa mixing system for Aviox 77702 fully commissioned

Pexa mixing system for Aviox 77702 is now fully commissioned. To replace our Aerodur C21-100UVR colour mixing capability we have now installed Aviox Finish 77702, AkzoNobel’s Airbus approved exterior topcoat. Aviox is a durable gloss finish available in every solid colour needed for the aerospace industry. It’s an easy to apply, high solids finish with rapid film build and high chemical resistance to prevent staining from in service fluids. Thousands of aircraft around the world have been successfully finished with Aviox.

From our colour mixing facility at our UK HQ we can now make any colour on a quick turnaround. As an AkzoNobel approved mixing centre we are connected to their global colour software package and we can produce recipes from any known colour within seconds. Our colour control lab makes sure that customers receive a perfect match every time, Chris Swift our production supervisor has been trained and certified by AkzoNobel to ensure that Pexa delivers AkzoNobel’s high quality on their behalf.


Pexa will be exhibiting at Aero India 2019!

Pexa will be exhibiting at Aero India 2019!

Pexa are delighted to be exhibiting at Aero India 2019 on stand F2.25. Pexa supply a wide range of aerospace approved paints, solid film lubricants, surface treatments, sealants, adhesives and associated application equipment and consumables to the aerospace, defence, energy and electronics industries. After 3 years of supplying high-tech surface coatings to India’s fast-growing aerospace industry from its UK base, Pexa has now established its own company and premises in India. Pexa Aerospace Materials Pvt Ltd is located in South Bangalore close to India’s main centres of aerospace production. This new facility will be a full player in the local market, receiving goods in bulk and splitting them down for local supply, stocking products to support customer programmes and moving further into value adding activities such as product mixing. In addition, it will act as the sales agent for Pexa for sales of products into India for export programmes.

Pexa is not just a distributor of high- tech materials. We work in close partnership with materials manufacturers, to ensure that we offer a comprehensive support package for the selection and use of all the products that we supply. We will be exhibiting samples at the event from three of our manufacturers, Socomore, Nycote and Global Mask. Socomore manufactures critical surface treatment products, NDT material, adhesive shims and surface coatings under the Aeroglaze® brand. Pexa are available to discuss Socomore’s products together with their wide range of aerospace products and are happy to show product samples.

Nycote is a global leader in advanced coatings technologies that increase asset lifespan, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure safety for aircraft manufacturers. Their coatings are approved by major OEM’s such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and are REACH compliant. Nycote is the only provider to offer the combined strength and flexibility of nylon with the hardness of epoxy, creating a clear and lightweight barrier to prevent corrosion and conductivity.

Global mask offers an extensive range of masking products to offer customers a complete solution for masking prior to painting. Their product range includes a full assortment of masking products for all wet paints and powder applications. The range includes, masking tapes, masking discs, masking die cuts, masking plugs and masking caps.

Representatives on the booth:
Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director, Pexa Ltd
Jaganathan PK, India Technical Sales Manager, Pexa Ltd


For further information, please contact:

Pexa: Marketing & Management Joanne Helliwell +44 (0)1422 314422 or email

Pexa: Managing Director Jim Rowbotham +44 (0)1422 314400 or email







Socomore manufactures critical surface treatment products, NDT material, adhesive shims and surface coatings under the Aeroglaze® brand. Pexa are available to discuss Socomore’s products together with their wide range of aerospace products.

Pexa opens new premises in Bangalore, India!

Pexa opens new premises in Bangalore, India!

After 3 years of supplying high-tech surface coatings to India’s fast-growing aerospace industry from its UK base, Pexa has now established its own company and premises in India. Pexa Aerospace Materials Pvt Ltd is located in South Bangalore close to India’s main centres of aerospace production. This new facility will be a full player in the local market, receiving goods in bulk and splitting them down for local supply, stocking products to support customer programmes and moving further into value adding activities such as product mixing. In addition it will act as the sales agent for Pexa for sales of products into India for export programmes.

Pexa Aerospace Materials Pvt Ltd is headed up by Jaganathan PK who has been Pexa’s representative in India for the past 3 years. Jagan said “We have already formed partnerships with many of India’s leading aerospace companies. Our technical know-how and product support capabilities are very much appreciated. Our long track record in the UK and Europe means that our customers in India know that we have a great knowledge base of specifications and applications for every aerospace programme. The establishment of our Indian entity will allow us to act as a truly local supplier and provide our services to local programmes. Our supplier partners will also benefit from our footprint in India and we will provide them with the opportunity to market, deliver and technically support their high-tech coatings and surface treatment solutions ».

Pictures from the opening Pooja at the new Pexa premises.


Pexa receive 2018 Manufacturer of the Year award

Pexa receive 2018 Manufacturer of the Year award

Congratulations to all the winners at the Halifax Courier Business Awards presented by TV legend Harry Gration at the awards dinner ceremony last Friday.

Pexa was nominated in 2 categories and we are very proud to have been awarded the title of 2018 Manufacturer of the Year 🏆

The award is for our new coatings production facility at our base in Halifax UK. Probably the newest (and maybe the smallest) paint production unit in the UK. The judges were supportive of our strategy to increase the number of aerospace coatings we blend on behalf of AkzoNobel, the World’s leading paint manufacturer. We are adding a facility to blend Aviox 77702 topcoats to our existing 58 series blending capability. This means we can produce coatings for any aircraft in any colour on a rapid turn round.

We are also increasing the number of coatings we produce under our own Megadex™ brand. In addition to our range of optical coatings we have commenced production of a chrome free washprimer Megadex™ CF2020 and we are actively looking for new high-value coatings technologies that we can produce in our facilities. We are aiming to get up to full capacity within a couple of years.

Thanks to the Halifax Courier for recognising Pexa in this way and for supporting the West Yorkshire business community.


Pexa team enjoying the evening
The winners

Nycote selects Pexa as its European distributor for its high-tech aerospace nylon epoxy coatings

Nycote selects Pexa as its European distributor for its high-tech aerospace nylon epoxy coatings

Nycote has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Pexa, a specialist distributor, for its high-technology surface coatings with the objective of enhancing safety and reducing maintenance costs for major aerospace providers around the globe

Nycote is a global leader in advanced coating technologies that increase asset lifespan, reduce maintenance costs and ensure safety for aircraft manufacturers. Their coatings are approved by major OEM’s such as Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer and are REACH compliant. Nycote is the only provider to combine the strength and flexibility of nylon with the hardness of epoxy, creating a clear, lightweight barrier that prevents corrosion and conductivity. Its one-coat, anti-corrosion products can be applied on an array of surfaces and can also be custom tinted.

This agreement with Pexa, the UK-based distributor of high-tech surface coatings, offers unrivaled expertise in the marketing, delivery and technical support of specialty surface coatings. As a result, Nycote can expand its market coverage and provide European customers with technical support and stock availability. Pexa’s field sales team are trained and qualified in the application of surface coatings providing technical advice and support to customers throughout Europe.

Nycote’s President, Marcie Simpson, said, “My aim is to offer our customers quality products and unrivalled customer service. Thanks to Pexa’s experience in high-performance coatings for the aerospace sector they can offer our customers the level of service and technical support they expect from Nycote. As always, Nycote continues to stand behind its products as this exciting partnership unfolds.”

Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director of Pexa added, “We have always had great respect for Nycote’s products. We have worked with Nycote in the Aerochemicals Alliance for several years, and when the time was right for Nycote to expand its business in Europe, we already had a great working relationship, which made partnering with Pexa an obvious choice.”

Image left to right: Jim Rowbotham – Pexa MD, Marcie Simpson Nycote President, Pennie Burnham Nycote VP Sales and Market Research

Pexa helps its customers to comply with REACH

Pexa helps its customers to comply with REACH

The EU REACH regulation 1907/2006 aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment by identifying, regulating and authorising the use of potentially harmful chemical substances. With the next milestone date in January 2019 REACH is now starting to have a significant impact on the availability of products containing some of the controlled substances and on how those products can be used.

Pexa, the leading supplier of coatings, surface treatment products and related materials to the aerospace and other high-tech markets, is taking a proactive approach to REACH and has launched a campaign to raise their customers awareness and remind them of their obligations.

Pexa undertakes to safeguard its customers by monitoring and selecting the products it supplies, to ensure that 100% of its product range is REACH compliant. The key aspects to this involve ensuring that substances are registered and that SVHCs (substances of very high concern) are phased out by their sunset date or, if authorised, are delivered from an authorised supply chain and that downstream users are registered with ECHA. The first important group of SVHCs falling into this scope are a number of chromate pigments used as corrosion inhibitors in surface coatings and treatments.

Pexa’s campaign is to aim for the following

  • All products sold by Pexa will contain registered substances or will be imported in quantities below the thresholds required for registration.
  • All products containing non-authorised SVHCs will be phased out in advance of their sunset date and end users will be advised of the phase out with at least 6 months’ notice.
  • Pexa will provide a well-researched package of information to support the use of viable alternatives.
  • All products containing authorised SVHCs will be sourced from authorised supply chains and products from non-authorised supply chains will not be sold beyond their sunset dates. End users will be advised of the sunset dates and their obligations.
  • Pexa will advise customers of the actions required to comply with the requirements of the authorisations and to register as downstream users.

Pexa’s active membership of important industry associations such as the BCF and ADS means that they are very well informed as to the implications of REACH. Pexa ensures its trading partners are the most reputable and professional in their markets, they have unrivalled expertise in managing products containing REACH affected substances and have a positive approach to product stewardship.

Pexa’s customers will benefit from being downstream users of a supplier that takes a proactive approach and safeguards their processes.

New Talent Joins Pexa

New Talent Joins Pexa

To support its growth in international markets and in its own production unit, Pexa has expanded its team with 4 new members.

In our customer services department we are pleased to welcome Robert Balchin who will be taking care of our customers in Spain. His role involves handling our customer’s contracts from technical enquiry right through to product support from our HQ in the UK. Robert graduated with a degree in Spanish and German and has been working in Spain for a few years to develop his know-how of Spain and the Spanish language. Robert said, “I love Spain and my new role with Pexa will give me the chance to support the Spanish Aerospace industry and provide our Spanish customers with a first-class service”.

As part of our commitment to apprenticeships we have created the role of Customer Services Apprentice. This is a training role leading to NVQ level 2 and covers the whole range of administrative tasks needed to support our customers. The UK apprenticeship service hooked us up with local candidate Tom Gray and he has fitted right into our team. Tom said, “I am really enjoying my role at Pexa. I enjoy supporting my colleagues and our customers around the World with admin services. I am particularly keen to master our database of incoming product certificates and test reports so that we can supply a complete data pack to every customer with every order”. Harvey Wright has also joined the team in an apprentice Warehouse Operative role. His duties will involve picking, packing and shipping customer orders as well as handling a wide variety of hazardous classifications.

Our internal production department has grown so that in addition to our busy tint lines for Aerodur and 58 series we have our own speciality coatings lines including Megadex optical lens coatings. This growth meant that we needed a dedicated production supervisor to ensure that we have a safe, efficient process that meets our customer’s tight deadlines. We were lucky enough to secure the services of Chris Swift who worked for 12 years at PPG coatings and arrives with an impressive skill set in paints and coatings production. Chris said, “I’m really pleased to join Pexa at the time they are expanding their paint production facilities. It’s the ideal time to implement excellent procedures for HSE, 5S and lean. I’m looking forward to working with the great existing team at Pexa and doing my bit to help the company succeed in the production of high tech, high value coatings”.

Pexa welcomes Craig Whittaker MP

Pexa welcomes Craig Whittaker MP

On Friday 21st July 2017, Pexa welcomed Craig Whittaker MP to their premises in Holywell Green. Craig was first elected as Calder Valley MP in 2010 and is a well-known supporter of local businesses and the contribution they make to the economy and local communities. He visited Pexa to learn more about the business and the plans for growth over the coming years.

Managing Director of Pexa, Jim Rowbotham, (pictured with Craig) had a short meeting with Craig and took him on a tour of the site, where he was able to talk to most of the Pexa team and hear their thoughts on wide range of issues, which they were more than happy to share.

Craig was interested to learn of Pexa’s international growth achievements and plans for the future. Important aspects of the impacts of Brexit and other business issues were high on the agenda and Craig took on board many of the points which are important to UK businesses. Jim Rowbotham said “We were very pleased that Craig made time to come and see us and was willing to engage with us on the real issues that we face. I was very pleased that our team offered such a friendly welcome and that Craig was so willing to take time to get to know us”.

British Coatings Federation wins Trade Association of the Year 2017

British Coatings Federation wins Trade Association of the Year 2017

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) beat over 300 other trade associations in the UK to be crowned ‘Trade Association of the Year 2017’, the ultimate accolade for Trade Associations in the UK. This award recognises the continued development of the Federation, which is now recognised as best in class amongst trade associations across the UK. The BCF also won ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ for the ‘DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative’, and were highly-commended in the ‘Magazine of the Year’ category, for the coatings industry magazine ‘Covered’.

Linda Cavender, Chief Executive of the Trade Association Forum said “BCF have had another outstanding year, growing from strength to strength addressing their members’ needs, undertaking some great lobbying activity and achieving record levels of growth. Their high level of professionalism and great effectiveness as an organisation has meant that this year, the judges had no difficulty in declaring BCF the very worthy winner of the TA Best Practice Awards Trade Association of the Year for 2017.”

Commenting on the win, CEO Tom Bowtell said: “This award recognises the dedication of the BCF team in proactively supporting our members’ interests. Our small team of 12 has created some outstanding lobbying campaigns, using our internal marketing strengths, and unprecedented technical expertise in the area of regulations affecting the coatings industry. I’m proud to lead such an energetic and focused team of professionals, who always go the extra mile for members, and thrilled to be publicly recognised as amongst the best trade associations in the UK.”

Pexa shortlisted for Export Award at Insider Made in Yorkshire Awards 2017

Pexa shortlisted for Export Award at Insider Made in Yorkshire Awards 2017

Insider’s 5th annual Made in Yorkshire Awards celebrated world-class manufacturing companies based in Yorkshire and the Humber. The awards, which took place on 20 April 2017 at Royal Armouries Hall, were hosted by actor, writer and presenter Alexis Conran and featured a keynote speech from Sheffield Forgemasters chief executive Dr Graham Honeyman.

Pexa were very pleased to be shortlisted for the export award. Companies chosen were deemed prolific exporters of products in terms of international presence, export growth, and exports as a proportion of sales. Although Pexa did not pick up the award, the team had an enjoyable evening as they had the opportunity to meet other manufacturers in the region and gain insight into how they are addressing challenges unique to their industry. Entering these awards was a great opportunity for Pexa to showcase their work to the region in which they are proud to have their exporting success recognised.

For more information about the event and the winners, visit:

Aero India 2017 Pexa and Socomore commit to Indian Market

Aero India 2017 Pexa and Socomore commit to Indian Market

Pexa and Socomore have used the occasion of the Aero India 2017 show to commit to their shared strategy of entering and establishing in the fast growing Indian aerospace industry.

Aero India showcased the best of the global aerospace industry. Pexa and Socomore exhibited there together and met a number of customers and partners. Pexa is the leading distributor of aerospace surface coating and treatment chemicals, they have been present in India with representation in Bangalore since 2015. Socomore is a global leader in the manufacture of aerospace surface treatment products. Its Aeroglaze, Socogel and Socosurf products are approved and used by the major aerospace design authorities.

Pexa is marketing the Socomore range for India’s wide range of aerospace programmes as part of a long standing and successful relationship.

Pictured at Aero India – Frederic Lescure President of Socomore and Jaganathan PK of Pexa India. Jaganathan said “we have a great partnership with Socomore, already we have introduced their game changing Satwipes to replace old fashioned solvent degreasing and we see many opportunities to help our customers in India to improve their surface treatment and coatings processes”.


For further information, please contact:

Pexa: Managing Director Jim Rowbotham on +44 (0)1422 314400 or email
Pexa: Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator Aimee Kay on +44 (0)1422 314400 or email

Pexa win business of the month for November 2016

Pexa win business of the month for November 2016

Each month, the non-profit organisation, Business For Calderdale, teams up with the Halifax Courier and makes an award to a company who the judges feel is flourishing and deserves recognition. Pexa were delighted to receive the Business of the Month award for November 2016 and they will go into a hat with other monthly winners for the chance of picking up the overall winner award at the Halifax Courier Business Awards later in the year.

The event took place on Tuesday 14 February at Croft Myl where some of the team enjoyed a tour of the recently renovated building as well as an opportunity to network with other businesses in the local area. Pexa is very pleased to be recognised in this way and is proud to be a part of the vibrant business sector in Calderdale.

For further information, please contact:

Pexa: Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator Aimee Kay on +44 (0)1422 314400 or email
Pexa: Managing Director Jim Rowbotham on +44 (0)1422 314400 or email

Pexa wins Halifax Business of the Year 2016

Pexa wins Halifax Business of the Year 2016

Pexa, the Halifax based supplier of surface coatings to the aerospace industry has won the coveted “Business of the Year” award in the Halifax Courier Business Awards 2016. This award sponsored by Riley & Co. is for the top business, which will meet the criteria of “being able to demonstrate successful year on year growth in its sector, and having a strong commitment to innovation. The business of the year will have effectively promoted itself on the national and international stage. Will also be a supporter of the community and have a corporate & social responsibility policy”.

Pexa is very pleased and proud to be recognised in this way, 2015/16 has been a significant year for us, moving to new premises and opening new sales offices in France and India has projected us on the international stage and it is very encouraging to be awarded this high-profile honour.

A group from Pexa attended the awards dinner and ceremony and enjoyed a great night celebrating winners in all the award categories and hearing the stories of how they are contributing to a vibrant and successful business sector in the Calderdale area.

Pexa shortlisted for Exporter of the Year at the Yorkshire Post’s Excellence in Business Awards

Pexa shortlisted for Exporter of the Year at the Yorkshire Post’s Excellence in Business Awards

A record number of 260 entries were received for the 2016 Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards and Pexa were very happy to be shortlisted for the Exporter of the Year category. The awards, now in their 11th year, celebrate the outstanding enterprises in the region who bring talent, innovation and new jobs as well as performing exceptionally in their fields.

The process has been an enjoyable one; prior to the awards ceremony, Managing Director Jim Rowbotham attended a networking event where he met other shortlisted candidates. Although Pexa did not pick up the award, the team enjoyed a glittering evening as they heard the inspiring stories of the businesses in Yorkshire. Guest speaker and entrepreneur Katie Bulmer-Cooke also spoke very passionately about the success of her various businesses as well as her appearance on The Apprentice in 2014. The judges selected candidates for Exporter of the Year who have helped to ‘drive the export-led recovery… moved into overseas markets… and acquired a detailed understanding of the nuances of each market’. Having been selected for the final 3 means that Pexa’s success is recognised in an area which is very important to the business operating on an international level.

For more information about the event and the winners, visit:

Pexa through to final stage of BCF Customer Service Award

Pexa through to final stage of BCF Customer Service Award

The British Coatings Federation’s Customer Service Award recognises the growing importance of customer service within the paints and coatings industry. Pexa are very pleased to have their entry shortlisted to the final stage where the winner will be announced at an awards dinner on Thursday 24th November in Knutsford.

“Pexa’s mission is to consistently offer the highest possible levels of reliable service, product value and effective pre/post-sales support to all of our customers, by identifying their genuine needs and expectations and providing the internal focus and infrastructure to meet and exceed those expectations.” With this goal in mind, over the past 6 months Pexa have re-visited their internal systems and processes to close gaps and overcome weaknesses relating to customer experience. Judging day was held on 20th October where Pexa presented an overview of these projects to the BCF panel.

Now in its 7th year, the event will be a great opportunity for Pexa to network with other members in the industry who are showcasing their expertise. Pexa is pleased to be to be recognised for excellence in customer service by making it to the finals and is anticipating a very enjoyable evening at the awards dinner.

Pexa to attend Aeromart India

Pexa to attend Aeromart India

The Indian aerospace industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. On November 8th – 10th 2016, Pexa will attend the Aeromart conference in India along with over 200 other companies from 20 countries. Held in Bangalore and organised by BCI Aerospace, Aeromart is an event at which aerospace manufacturers and suppliers can meet through pre-arranged one-on-one meetings as well as attending workshops led by industry professionals to learn how to handle the challenges and keep up with new developments in the market.

Pexa supplies global brands of aerospace approved surface coatings, paints and treatments, tools and consumables. Pexa’s sales support manager for India, Mr Jaganathan PK, commented: « Pexa extends its partnership to Aerospace & Defence manufacturing companies in India. They can benefit from our close association with surface finishing product manufacturers and our support services for the leading brands that we distribute ». He will be attending the event with Sales Manager Mark Thompson.

Pexa are committed to their customers and business in India and look forward to meeting suppliers, manufacturers and other aerospace industry players.

For more information about the event, visit

Development in Pexa NDT Business

Development in Pexa NDT Business

As well as being the official distributor of surface coatings and treatments to the aerospace, defence and electronic industries, Pexa also supplies products and services to the NDT industry. Pexa is the official distributor for NDT Products from Sherwin Babbco (Socomore NDT) and Sherwin Inc as well as the official distributor for Spectronics who manufacture the Spectroline range of inspection lights. Pexa have decided to expand their NDT team with the appointment of John Haslam who will provide a technical and support service to customers in the UK. John has over 8 years’ experience of hardness and conductivity testing and liquid penetrant inspection as well as 4 years’ experience in magnetic particle inspection. He said ‘I’m really looking forward to developing relationships with customers. NDT is a growing business for Pexa and I’m very pleased to be involved’.

Matt Lowthian, NDT Business Manager commented, ‘I am very pleased that John has joined the Pexa team. He brings with him an excellent working knowledge of the dye penetrant, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic fields. His input and enthusiasm with our current and potential customers will be invaluable’.

With the appointment of John, Pexa will be able to provide a more thorough service to NDT customers.


Pexa named a UK National Champion in Europe’s Largest Business Awards

Pexa named a UK National Champion in Europe’s Largest Business Awards

Pexa recognised in Europe’s largest business competition

Pexa Ltd has been named a National Champion for The U.K. in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community.

The Awards, now in its 10th year, is supported by business leaders, academics and political representatives from across Europe, and this year engaged with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries.

Pexa has been chosen after the first phase of judging by an independent panel. They were evaluated on the core EBA values of innovation, ethics and success and will now go through to the second stage of the competition, which includes a video and a public vote.

Pexa is a specialist supplier of surface treatments and coatings to the aerospace and other high tech markets. They have made international trade a key element of their strategy and their success in this area has led to recognition in this prestigious awards programme.

Jim Rowbotham, Pexa’s Managing Director said “We’re very proud to be selected to represent The U.K. as a National Champion. The European Business Awards is widely recognised as the showcase for Europe’s most dynamic companies and we are proud to be recognised at this level.”

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “Congratulations to Pexa who have been selected to represent their country as National Champions. They are central to the success of Europe’s strong business community, and have shown the core principles we look for of innovation, ethics and success.”

The next round requires the National Champions to make a presentation video, telling their unique story and explaining their business success. The Awards’ independent judges will award the best of this group the ‘Ruban d’Honneur’ status and the selected companies will then go on to the Gala Final in 2017.

Separately, in a two stage public vote, the videos will be hosted on the European Business Awards website, and the company who receives the most votes in their country will become the ‘National Public Champion’. Last year over 227,000 votes were cast as companies were supported globally by their clients, staff and peers, as well as the general public.

Lead sponsor RSM, the sixth largest network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms worldwide has supported the European Business Awards since its inception. The Awards’ core purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. Additional sponsors and partners of the Awards include UK Trade and Investment, ELITE and PR Newswire.
In the 2015/16 competition, all EU member markets were represented plus Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Their combined revenue exceeded €1.2 trillion employing over 2.5 million people.

For further information about the winners, the European Business Awards and RSM please go to or and follow us on twitter at @rsmEBA


For further press information, please contact:
Pexa: Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator Aimee Kay on +44 (0)1422 314400 or email European Business Awards: PR Manager, Vanessa Wood at the European Business Awards on
+44 (0) 796 6666 657 or email

Pexa’s Response to Brexit – Positive About the Future

Pexa’s Response to Brexit – Positive About the Future

Pexa’s business is international and our HQ has always been in the UK. Following the UK referendum on EU membership we make the following commitments.

  • We support democracy and respect its outcomes
  • We will remain vigilant to developments and make sure Pexa fully understands the political and economic situation, making the right decisions based on the facts
  • We will continue to invest in all the  measures required to ensure the continued growth of our business in the EU, UK and around the World
  • We embrace the future, rise to its challenges and have the vision, energy and know-how to excel in the dynamic global economy
  • We will protect the interests of our stakeholders and encourage them to engage with us and rely on our capabilities

Pexa investi pour accroître sa croissance en France

Pexa investi pour accroître sa croissance en France

Depuis plusieurs années, PEXA est un excellent partenaire pour les marchés aéronautiques en France. Pexa fourni des revêtements et produits chimique pour l’aéronautique civile, militaire et autres industries comme le gaz, pétrole, et électronique. Pexa a décidé d’augmenter ses effectifs pour l’équipe française et a recruté dans ce sens  Christophe Mondou pour représenter PEXA sur l’aspect Commercial et Technique auprès de nos clients dans le sud de la France. Christophe Mondou a une grande expérience en tant que Technico-Commercial et a une excellente connaissance du marché aéronautique.

Jean-Paul De Almeida est le Directeur commercial pour PEXA en France. « Nous allons pouvoir offrir une qualité de service et être au plus proche de nos clients, aussi bien au niveau commercial que technique, tout en faisant croître la structure en France. Je vais continuer à m’occuper des clients du nord, Paris, région nantaise tandis que Christophe s’occupera de nos clients sur la partie Sud de la France. Cette nouvelle organisation va permettre à nos clients, fournisseurs, de pouvoir bénéficier de cet investissement, l’apport de CM va pouvoir me permettre de développer d’autres marchés francophones tels que le Maroc, Belgique et Suisse.

Dalic, leader in selective metal plating partners with Pexa for its UK & Ireland Distribution

Dalic, leader in selective metal plating partners with Pexa for its UK & Ireland Distribution

Dalic has been a leader in selective electroplating of metals since 1937. They produce an array of metal plating solutions for anodising with chromic and sulphuric acids and plating with zinc, nickel and cadmium. These can be applied using Dalic’s portable electroplating equipment including the Dalistick Station which allows plating to be carried out in situ at any industrial premises. This allows for the restoration of metal plating in maintenance and repair situations and in the OEM situation when large scale electroplating tanks are not available. Dalic has approvals from most of the major aerospace design authorities and several automotive manufacturers.

Pexa is the leading distributor of surface coatings and treatments to the aerospace industry. From its new facilities in West Yorkshire UK Pexa’s team delivers a complete range of surface finishing materials and equipment to its many customers in the aerospace and other high tech industries.

Dalic has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Pexa for the supply of its product range in the UK & Ireland. The new deal has a great synergy as the two companies both specialise in surface treatment materials with a strong position in aerospace industry. Dalic has an excellent technology base with an impressive list of approvals for its products whilst Pexa has a great reputation and an infrastructure that can support the sales, distribution and technical support of the Dalic product range. The new agreement will allow companies throughout the UK & Ireland to access Dalic’s class leading solutions.

The new arrangement goes live on the 4th January 2016.

For further details please contact Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director of Pexa Ltd

HRH The Duke of York, KG Opens Pexa’s new facility in West Yorkshire

HRH The Duke of York, KG Opens Pexa’s new facility in West Yorkshire

Pexa, supplier of surface finishing materials, coatings and chemicals to the aerospace and other high tech industries has recently moved to new, larger and upgraded premises close to its original home in Holywell Green, West Yorkshire. With help from a grant from the Leeds City Region and the ERDF Pexa was able to completely upgrade the premises to an “as new” condition and to install new offices, warehouse space and a new production facility for its own line of paints and coatings for the optical industry.

Pexa was established in 2002 and has grown to be a leading and well recognised supplier to the aerospace industry and a key industrial partner for major international brands with 30% of its sales overseas. Now with a team of 26, the move to the new facilities will allow Pexa to grow and to enter new markets where additional production space will be essential.

The Duke of York is a well-known advocate for British business on the international stage. Pexa was very proud to welcome him to their new home to declare it officially open for business on the 9th November. A number of Pexa’s customers and suppliers attended, together with representatives from trade associations and government agencies involved in Pexa’s activities. His Royal Highness participated in a business meeting and met the whole Pexa team plus guests. The Duke of York was accompanied by Dr. Ingrid Roscoe, the Lord- Lieutenant of West Yorkshire.

Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director of Pexa said – “the whole team was thrilled to meet HRH, he was very interested in the nuts and bolts of the operation, our people development and apprentice activity and our plans for the future. He really engaged with us and wants to make a contribution”.

His Royal Highness said “This is a ‘go get them’ firm determined to increase its market share. I hope this facility is a success and, as manufacturing gets under way, that you will come up with some clever innovations that will make you one of the companies that are absolutely needed”.



First UK Aerospace Coatings and REACh Seminar takes off

First UK Aerospace Coatings and REACh Seminar takes off

Delegates from several of the World’s leading aerospace and defence companies including BAE Systems, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Thales, together with other key members of the UK’s aerospace surface finishing supply chain gathered in Manchester yesterday for the first “Aerospace Coatings and REACh Seminar” held in the UK.

Organised by Pexa and AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings and held at the Concorde Visitor centre at Manchester Airport, the seminar brought around 50 attendees up to date with the impact of the EU Regulation for the registration and authorisation of chemicals “REACh”. The aerospace industry makes significant use of chromate containing pigments for the corrosion protection of aircraft and the use of these substances will be significantly impacted by REACh. Pexa and AkzoNobel are developing a position as industry leaders in the management of this issue and the provision of solutions.

Speakers Maurizio Pulcini and Hans Polak of AkzoNobel and Jim Rowbotham of Pexa interpreted and presented the current status of REACh, how it will be implemented and the authorisation path for hexavalent chromates in the surface coating process. It is Pexa and AkzoNobel’s intention to provide all the necessary support to companies using chromates to enable them to do so within an authorisation and, at the same time, to provide “best in class” alternatives to chromate containing primers to allow the industry to minimise their use.

A healthy question and answer workshop took place, where important concerns were discussed. Pexa and AkzoNobel will hold more such events, as this important issue evolves, and will try to maintain a key user group of companies involved in this process so that information is shared and discussed within the industry.

Delegates were able to take a guided tour of the Concorde G-BOAC which is housed at the venue at Manchester airport, an interesting case study in aerospace materials.


Leading Aerospace Chemicals Suppliers Team up to Develop Business in India

Leading Aerospace Chemicals Suppliers Team up to Develop Business in India

Press Release – 16th June 2015 Paris Air Show Le Bourget

Three leading suppliers of chemical products to the aerospace and other high tech industries have joined forces to invest in developing a leading position in the rapidly expanding Indian market.

Pexa Ltd, Socomore and Sherwin Inc. are all members or associates of the Aerochemicals Aliiance, a grouping of companies involved in the supply of chemical products to the aerospace industry. As such they work together closely to develop synergies which benefit their customers. Pexa is a specialist distributor of surface treatments and coatings and brings extensive experience of supply chain management in the aerospace industry. Socomore is a leading manufacturer of surface treatment products and is approved by major OEMs to the latest technology specifications. Sherwin is a manufacturer of NDT products including dye penetrants and magnetic particle inspection materials. All 3 companies are leaders in their fields and provide materials for all major aerospace projects currently underway including those of Airbus and Boeing.

This new partnership will involve Pexa taking the lead in India, entering into agreements with customers and suppliers, employing any local staff and developing local facilities. Socomore and Sherwin will support the investments and provide their technologies and technical support via the new venture. The companies will build on their existing successful business partnerships with customers in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Belgaum and plan to locate their new operation in the Bangalore area.

The aerospace industry in India is growing rapidly and major projects for industry leaders such as Boeing and Airbus are already underway. The defence sector will also expand via international partnerships and technology transfers. The partners are very well placed to support this rapid growth. Pexa will be launching this new venture at the Aerochemicals reception at the Paris Air Show 16th June. Please contact us if you would like an invitation.

For further details please contact Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director of Pexa Ltd

‘Aerospace Coatings and REACh’ seminar at Manchester Airport

‘Aerospace Coatings and REACh’  seminar at Manchester Airport

Thursday 23 July 2015 10am- 2pm
In co-operation with AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings

To be held under the wings of Concorde G-BOAC
Concorde Visitor Centre, Sunbank Lane,
Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 8XQ

REACh is now a major feature of the aerospace chemical product landscape. Important compounds including Strontium Chromate are considered of high concern and annexed for authorisation. Aerospace coatings applicators need to understand the implications and ensure that they safeguard their processes, know which compounds are authorised and that their upstream and downstream supply chains are secure. This short seminar will explain what products are affected and how product users can ensure they are in a secure supply chain and assess their product usage for compliance with relevant authorisations. We will discuss alternatives to annexed compounds and the specification drivers which encourage their use, in addition to the REACh consortia including CCST which will apply for authorisation for the use of hexavalent chromates.

10:00 – 10:30 Coffee and registration
10:30 – 13:00 Presentations
13:00 – 14:00 Buffet lunch

To register email and you will receive an invitation to register for the seminar at Eventbrite.

Detailed Programme*

10.00 Registration and coffee

10.30 Chromates authorisation process, SVHCs specifically CCST substance submissions. Pre sunset, post sunset, post authorisation

11.15 Chromate replacement options applicable to major aerospace coating specifications

11.45 Other regulatory pressures affecting selection of aerospace coatings, EC directives on substitution of carcinogenic substances

12.15 Q&A panel and open forum.

13.00 Lunch & Networking

14.00 Close

* Programme may change within these times depending on the availability of specialist speakers. Any changes will be notified in advance.


Aerochemicals, the smart collaboration at work in aerospace chemicals

Aerochemicals, the smart collaboration at work in aerospace chemicals

Paris, June 3rd 2015:

Aerochemicals, the global alliance of independent specialists in chemical products for aerospace, will host a cocktail reception themed on smart international collaboration at the 2015 Paris Air Show.

A press briefing will be organised at 4.45 pm on 16th June at the NYCO chalet B117 with cocktails for partners and customers.

Nyco is a regular exhibitor at the air show and a member of Aerochemicals since 2013. Around ‘molecular cooking animations’, three member companies will demonstrate their collaboration to develop their visibility internationally and better serve OEM and MRO customers. Members will share their successful experiences in supply chain, production and consultation.

Manufacturing collaboration In Brazil

In 2010 Socomore entered the Brazilian aerospace market where leading aircraft manufacturer Embraer, together with its significant local supply chain, is based. An agreement was made with Brazil based fellow Aerochemicals member Metal Chek to provide commercial agency, offices and production capacity to manufacture and market Socomore’s products in Brazil. This offered Socomore a simple way to enter the Brazilian market, which can be complex for a European company. Socomore provided full technical support for the qualification and use of the products in the Brazilian industry. This collaboration has enabled Socomore to get a stronger foothold in Brazil, in both the aerospace and automotive markets. This successful partnership has developed an excellent reputation and enhanced sales of its products. 5 years after the 1st milestone, Socomore is now considering opening its own sales office in the country.

Supply chain collaboration In India

The high degree of confidence between members of Aerochemicals allows for very efficient co-operation in sharing resources to enter new markets. Pexa Ltd, Socomore and Sherwin Inc. work together closely to develop synergies which benefit their customers. In May 2015, they decided to join forces to invest in developing a leading position in the rapidly expanding Indian market. Pexa, as a specialist distributor of surface treatments and coatings, with an extensive experience of supply chain management in the aerospace industry, will distribute Socomore surface treatment products and Sherwin NDT products. This new partnership will involve Pexa taking the lead in India, entering into agreements with customers and suppliers, employing local staff and developing local facilities. Socomore and Sherwin will support the investments and provide their technologies and technical support via the new venture. The companies will build on their existing successful business partnerships with Indian customers and plan to locate their new operation in the Bangalore area.

The aerospace industry in India is growing rapidly and major projects for industry leaders such as Boeing and Airbus are already underway. The defence sector will also expand via international partnerships and technology transfers. The partners are very well placed to support this rapid growth.

Hear testimonials from some of our partners at the cocktail event.

The alliance represents 13 members from 8 countries, 26 laboratories dedicated to research, 19 production sites, 40 sales offices, more than 1,000 employees worldwide. The steady increase in membership demonstrates the success of the collaborative experience.

Members of Aerochemicals exhibiting at the Paris Air Show that will have the pleasure to meet you:

  • NYCO, European leader in synthetic lubricants, chalet B117, booth C140 Hall 2B
  • Socomore, preparation, protection and surface treatment, booth B157 Hall 2B
  • Pexa Ltd, provider of high technology products, booth F172 Hall 2B, North West Aerospace Alliance (17th and 18th of June)

AkzoNobel congratulates Airbus on delivery of first A350 XWB to Qatar Airways

AkzoNobel congratulates Airbus on delivery of first A350 XWB to Qatar Airways

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings joined industry partners in congratulating Airbus on the handover of the first A350 XWB to launch customer Qatar Airways.

The A350 XWB is designed to redefine the way people fly by opening up a new era in comfortable, efficient long haul air travel using the most advanced technologies and breakthrough innovations in aerodynamics, light-weight materials and aircraft systems.

We are celebrating the commercial launch of the Airbus A350 as supplier of the coatings solution and the vibrant colors that give the aircraft the distinctive Qatar Airways’ identity. We are extremely proud to be present from nose to tail on this history-making aircraft of launch customer Qatar Airways.

Airbus selected our Aerobase Base Coat/Clear Coat paint system for the A350 as it requires less paint and reduces the amount of solvents released. The system offers much quicker and simpler application for complex liveries with different colors. The eco-efficient painting process also means that less detergent will be needed when washing the aircraft. These savings are a great endorsement of our continued commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to customers worldwide.

To date, the A350 XWB has already won 778 firm orders from 41 customers worldwide. By the end of next year Airbus plans to build five a month and to hit 10 a month by mid-2018.

To watch the movie of the Airbus A350 XWB receiving her livery – click here.

Air crew and traveller virus and disease protection product range launched by Pexa

Air crew and traveller virus and disease protection product range launched by Pexa

As winter approaches Pexa, the leading supplier of chemical products to the aviation industry, is launching its campaign to promote the prevention of transmissible diseases often encountered during international travel by launching its range of PSA products designed to protect air crew and travellers.

The range includes a handy sized Universal Protection Kit (UPK) which contains a full set of protective materials to deal with in flight incidents of contact with body fluids such as vomit, urine and blood. The kit complies with ICAO recommendations and at least one kit can be carried on board each flight to allow air crew to deal with incidents and be protected against illnesses including TB, H1N1 and Ebola.

Insect bite protection is important to prevent tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. PSA’s Skin 2P products provide a small insect repellent aerosol using Icaridin rather than DEET and an insecticide spray for clothes which kills insects especially around ankles arms and neck where biting can be common. Handy 30ml containers mean that the products can be carried in hand baggage. Crew and passengers can use the same products to protect them.

UK based Pexa, is the leading supplier of chemical products to the aviation industry and is the UK distributor for PSA, the French manufacturer of a wide range of aviation approved cleaners, disinfectants and insecticides. All enquiries for these products can be made directly to Pexa on + 44(0) 1422 314400 or visit

Pexa achieves Silver Award in the Calderdale Environmental Business Pledge

Pexa achieves Silver Award in the Calderdale Environmental Business Pledge

Pexa Ltd the supplier of coatings and surface treatments to the aerospace and high tech industries has attained The Silver Award in the Calderdale Environmental Business Pledge.

The accreditation scheme for companies based in Calderdale, provides a measurable and targeted framework for measurement and improvement of environmental impact.  Pexa has calculated its carbon footprint and has set a 3% reduction target in carbon emissions for the next 12 months.

Throughout the process Pexa has benefitted from the support of Calderdale Council and CTech Innovation – Calderdale Council’s consultants who are delivering their environmental programme to local businesses.

Silver level is Pexa’s first step in the Business Pledge however we will go on to develop more environmentally sustainable products and processes and make further efforts to deliver on our environmental commitments.

For more information about the Calderdale Business Pledge please visit

Nyco appoints Pexa as an official distributor

Nyco appoints Pexa as an official distributor

Nyco, formed in 1929 is a global leader in the development and manufacture of lubricants. With its HQ in France, Nyco is the only European producer of aviation lubricants and high performance ester fluids. Nyco’s product ranges include oils and greases for every aerospace application. Nyco’s worldwide network covers over 100 countries and Nyco has now expanded its network with the appointment of Pexa as a distributor.

Pexa, based in Halifax UK, is the leading distributor of surface finishing materials to the aerospace industry and is expanding its product range to include lubricants. Pexa is a fellow member with Nyco of the Aerochemicals Alliance (, therefore a partnership with Nyco was the obvious choice for Pexa’s manufacturing partner in the lubricant market.

Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director of Pexa said, “when we add a new product group to our range we always look for a global technology leader and a partner that can offer real differentiation combined with excellent service. Nyco fits the bill perfectly as they have excellent technologies and a huge range of approvals that our customers will appreciate. We look forward to discussing Nyco technologies with our aerospace customers and allowing them to benefit from our already excellent delivery and technical support services. We intend to keep a tailor made stock on hand at all times to service customers with rapid lead times and small quantities should they need them”.

For Nyco, Arnaud Radigue, Defence & Turbine Business Director, added, “Nyco wants to have the most comprehensive distribution network in the aerospace and defence industry. Adding Pexa as a distributor strengthens the network, adding a distributor with an excellent reputation for technical support and service. As fellow members of the Aerochemicals Alliance we have the opportunity to maintain excellent relations with Pexa and we look forward to working together for many years to come”.

Pexa expands into Spain and goes .com

Pexa expands into Spain and goes .com

Pexa, the UK’s leading distributor of aerospace surface coatings and high tech materials is continuing its expansion into international markets with the opening of new premises in Spain.

Established in 2002, with UK offices based near Halifax, West Yorkshire, Pexa has expanded exponentially and now turns over in excess of £8m. Pexa created its first base in Europe in 2005 when it launched its French operation.

Spain was on the horizon, being one of Europe’s most important aerospace economies and one of Airbus’ home manufacturing markets. Growth in the aerospace industry, particularly in production of commercial aircraft is forecast to increase by 25% by 2023* and to support the subsequent demand for associated products, dedicated facilities in Spain became a high priority.

The new Spanish office has not only created new employment, but the forecast uplift in sales has also increased employment opportunities at its UK headquarters.

Arantxa Sanchez de Rivera has been appointed as its Sales Executive for Spain based in Madrid but working from Pexa’s business address in Barcelona. She will be supported by Pexa’s multi-lingual customer services team in the UK. Arantxa will be responsible for business development throughout Spain. Arantxa has worked for Boeing in Spain for the last 3 years and brings significant experience of the aerospace industry.

With dedicated facilities in the UK, France and now Spain, Pexa is positioned to not only expand further into Europe, but to enhance its excellent customer service from ground level across its entire international operations.

Arantxa said “I am very pleased to be joining Pexa at such an exciting time in the company’s development. I can’t wait to meet Pexa’s customers throughout Spain and to see how we can help them to accomplish their objectives”.

Jim Rowbotham, Pexa MD commented, “we are really looking forward to building relationships with our customers in Spain, we have exported to Spain for several years but setting up our own operation there will offer our customers an excellent service and we are sure they will respond to that by choosing Pexa for their surface technology products. We are the acknowledged experts in paints and related surface coatings and we know that we can offer an unrivalled level of service and support. That is why major brands like AkzoNobel choose Pexa as their preferred distribution partner”.”

In line with Pexa’s international growth, the use of country specific domains has become ever more complicated. Therefore Pexa has now acquired the global domain providing a unified and simple international address for all of its online communications.

*Source Deloitte

Pexa and PM Research sign exclusive distribution agreement

Pexa and PM Research sign exclusive distribution agreement

Press Release – 16th July 2014 News for Farnborough 2014

PM Research Inc. is the World’s leading independent producer of aircraft erosion protection products. These products include 3 dimensional polyurethane film masks or “boots” used to cover aircraft radomes, aerials, lights and other structures which suffer from premature failure caused by rain and solid particle erosion. They also include flat tapes used for the same purpose on wing leading edges. The products are approved for aerospace application and widely specified by aerospace manufacturers and operators around the World.

As a specialist supplier of aerospace surface coatings, UK aerospace materials distributor Pexa has worked with PM Research products for many years. On highly erosion prone areas such as noses and radomes, PM Research products significantly increase in-service time before erosion damage requires repair or replacement. With positioning of spare radomes at a premium, erosion damage can be a very expensive type of failure for operators and if not attended to quickly can cause further degradation due to moisture ingress and potential reduction in radar transparency.

Following on from Pexa’s successful relationship with PM Research, the companies have decided to work together more closely and PM Research has appointed Pexa as its exclusive distributor for the UK, Ireland, France and Spain and with the brief to distribute the products elsewhere in Europe. Pexa will keep a working stock of radomes, masks and tapes at its UK depot and will minimise the cost of shipping from PM Research’s factory near New York. From stock Pexa will offer a rapid delivery service throughout Europe and will provide product technical support to customers.

Pexa’s Managing Director Jim Rowbotham said – “We have enjoyed working with PM Research for many years and this next step is a natural development of that relationship. Radome masks go hand in hand with paint systems and we are the leading distributor of aerospace coatings in the region so this is a natural match”.

Matthew Vossler of PM Research said “After many great years of working with Pexa we are very much looking forward to partnering with them in this next business endeavour. We feel together we can provide customers in this region of the world with lower costs, faster shipments, and excellent service and support. »

We’re Supporting UNICEF & Yorkshire Air Ambulance this Christmas

We’re Supporting UNICEF & Yorkshire Air Ambulance this Christmas

This year, like last, instead of sending Christmas cards we’re making charitable donations to UNICEF & The Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Over the Christmas period, the Pexa office will close on Christmas Eve and reopen on January 2nd 2014.

We wish all our customers and suppliers, both old and new, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Superior edge protection for rotor blades

Superior edge protection for rotor blades

Wind turbines need to have a service life of 20 years in order to be economically efficient. This means that they need to be robust. BASF has now developed a paint that protects rotor blades even better, especially on the edges. RELEST ® Wind LEP technology offers four times higher resistance than conventional solutions.

Wind turbine rotor blades are exposed to enormous stresses. At the blade tips, speeds can reach up to 300 kilometers per hour. Add to that the impacts of rain, hail, snow, sand and UV radiation. The rotor blade edges are most vulnerable to impacts. This is because the rotor blades – generally 40 to 60 meters long and in many cases even up to 90 meters long – consist of parts that have been joined together. The glued seam runs along the blade edge. “To protect the edges from erosion, sand and water, we have developed the new product RELEST ® Wind LEP. This new generation of polyurethane coating protects this sensitive area of the rotor blade even better,” explained Dr. Harald Müller, Technology Management for Post-Coatings at BASF.

Rain erosion resistance tests have demonstrated the paint’s superior protective function. RELEST ® Wind LEP has achieved results that are up to four times better than conventional solutions currently available on the market. To test rain erosion resistance, BASF uses a rain erosion test apparatus at its Oldenburg site. The device supplies data that simulate reality. The test specimens rotate on special mounts in the testing stand and can reach speeds of 500 kilometers per hour. At this speed, water drops are introduced into the test stand (around 30 liters per hour) so that they hit the test specimens. This experimental design creates conditions that are very similar to those real rotor blades are subjected to.

Creating optimum protective properties and allowing easy application were both priorities during development. “The product has to fit our customers’ individual needs. Rotor blade coating is performed in a variety of ways depending on the manufacturer, for instance, by hand with brushes, rollers or spraypainting. The paint can be used with all of these methods,” Müller said. Other advantages of the paint include the fact that the product can be applied under a wide range of climate conditions and that despite the elasticity of the coating, it can be sanded, for example, for touch-up jobs.

Apart from edge protection, BASF offers other RELEST® coatings for rotor blades. All parts of the system, which includes gelcoat, putty, edge protection and topcoat, consist of solvent-free, two-component polyurethane compounds and comply with current VOC regulations. With its RELEST® Wind RepKit, BASF also offers refinish solutions for minor damage to the finish.

Pexa Renew Wyre Juniors Sponsorship

Pexa Renew Wyre Juniors Sponsorship

Pexa are again delighted to announce its second year of sponsorship of the Wyre Juniors Blacks under 11’s football team who play in the Poulton and District Primary league.

Wyre Juniors Blacks is a team based in Preesall near Blackpool Lancashire, in the North West of England. The team had an excellent season last year finishing third in their division and have aspirations of being champions this year!

Mark Thompson, Pexa’s European Sales Manager whose son plays for the team states  “We are very happy to help with supporting young people in our community, this is the second time we have sponsored Wyre Juniors and wish them every success for the forthcoming season”.

The North West of England is a major hub for Aerospace manufacturing facilities and Pexa is proud to be supporting this young team of talented footballers.

Pexa joins the British Marine Federation in its 100th Year

Pexa joins the British Marine Federation in its 100th Year

Pexa, the specialist supplier of surface finishing materials to the energy and other high tech markets, is delighted to announce its membership of the British Marine Federation (BMF).

Pexa’s energy infrastructure business supplies paints and other surface coatings for offshore equipment including wind turbines and other renewable energy platforms, together with oil rigs and other storage and exploration infrastructure. Managing Director Jim Rowbotham said “Joining the British Marine Federation puts us at the heart of the UK’s marine community and will allow us to develop our know-how in the supply of products into this important sector. We look forward to participating and meeting our fellow members to learn more about what they do”.

Pexa is also focusing on the marina and harbour sectors with its range of moisture cured urethane coatings, which offer 10 year durability on steel structures such as sheet pile harbour walls. The products can be immersed in water within half an hour of application and can be used to maintain harbour walls between tides without special equipment. In addition the highly attractive range of finishes can be used on bridges, railings and other infrastructure around marinas, protecting these investments and providing a durable, good looking appearance.

The British Marine Federation represents a wide range of businesses in the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry. The 1500+ membership base is diverse and represents the UK marine supply chain. Founded in 1913, this year sees its 100th anniversary.

Airbus A350 comes to life with AkzoNobel colors

Airbus A350 comes to life with AkzoNobel colors

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is extremely proud to be the supplier of the paint system and vibrant colors that decorate the first Airbus A350 XWB.

For AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings it’s becoming an increasingly regular occurrence for their Base Coat/Clear Coat systems to be selected to paint first editions of customer aircraft. Airbus, focusing largely on sustainability, has made the decision to utilize the new paint system as it requires less paint and less solvent. These savings are a great endorsement of AkzoNobel’s continued commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to customers worldwide.

“Our colors decorate the first flying A350,” says Jérôme Mancy, EADS Global Key Account Manager. “The aircraft was painted in Toulouse – it’s the first Airbus with both fuselage and wing structures made primarily of composites. We have a very good relationship with Airbus – and many of their aircraft are painted with AkzoNobel coatings.”

All eyes on the sky for A350 maiden flight

All eyes on the sky for A350 maiden flight

Although the energy level of our French Aerospace Coatings colleagues in Blagnac will be higher than ever before, it might be difficult to get hold of them this morning as Airbus’ newest passenger plane will make its maiden flight today, Friday 14 June. Weather conditions permitting, the A350 XWB “MSN1” will take off from Toulouse-Blagnac airport around 10:00am CET. Coffee and croissants outside – don’t forget your sunglasses to protect against reflection of the sun from the ‘mirror finish’ of the livery!

AkzoNobel’s Aerobase Base Coat/Clear Coat system decorates the first A350. Although we are all convinced about the leading performance of the reliable Base Coat/Clear Coat systems, all colleagues are extremely proud that Airbus selected our paint system and vibrant colors to show the first flying Airbus A350 to the world.

As part of the on-going commitment for a “greener” environment, Airbus selected the Base Coat/Clear Coat paint system as it requires less paint and reduces the amount of solvents released. The system offers much quicker and simpler application for complex liveries with different colors; the base coat dries in two hours and only needs one coat instead of two or three. The eco-efficient painting process also means that less detergent will be needed when washing the aircraft. These savings are a great endorsement of AkzoNobel’s continued commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to customers worldwide.

Qatar Airways shall take delivery of the first commercially flying A350 in 2014. The A350 XWB has already won 613 firm orders from 33 customers worldwide. With the Paris Air Show beginning in less than a week, Airbus expects to receive many additional orders. Good to know that the Aerobase Base Coat/Clear Coat is the only system specified by Airbus for painting the A350 aircraft.

For live coverage of the inaugural flight, connect to:

Pexa and BASF start up the Relest wind turbine blade Training School

Pexa and BASF start up the Relest wind turbine blade Training School

The Maintenance and Repair of wind turbine blades in service is a key element in achieving maximum performance over the 20+ years life of the equipment.

The aerodynamic properties of a new blade need to be retained for it to work as intended and BASF have introduced their Relest® coating system to do just that.

Rather than rely on the materials alone, this is a completely defined process from initial assessment through to preparation and application with inspection that delivers the best possible outcome in respect of long term performance. All surface preparation equipment and disposables are specified and the BASF materials are packaged to make them practical when working at height.

The final element was provided when the first Contractor attended the Training school in Oldenburg, Germany and completed every single stage of the process. Ropetask Ltd from Wednesbury in the West Midlands sent a number of technicians including their MD Haydn Gamble on the course so that they could gain a full appreciation of the entire process.

Haydn has a long and distinguished track record in rope access and is level 3 IRATA qualified , he said “ We have been looking for a course that combines detailed  instruction with a system that is independently approved rather than just a general repair course. The BASF Relest system is just that and has Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certification and a UK based Distributor in Pexa Ltd who have been leading the way forward. We have now completed our training and found it to be highly professional”.

Jim Rowbotham MD at Pexa is pleased with their progress in this important energy market “Wind power is set to become a significant contributor to the energy needs of the UK and a key element is reducing costs so that it competes with more traditional alternatives. It will do so by achieving a 40% reduction in total life costs and keeping the blades in good condition even when battered by rain and hail at 100 meters per second is a major factor in this. “

The UK wind energy market is set to expand quickly creating significant new employment as major new investment in manufacturing plants and maintenance operations expand to meet the increased demand.

Pexa has a solid history in the Aerospace industry and specialises in helping to provide a full service package to their customers.

Pexa launches the Axson Coatings bulk storage tank lining coatings in the UK

Pexa launches the Axson Coatings bulk storage tank lining coatings in the UK

Pexa launches the Axson Coatings bulk storage tank lining coatings in the UK

Pexa, the specialist supplier of surface finishing materials to the energy and other high tech markets is very pleased to announce that it has been selected by Axson Coatings (formerly BS-Coatings) as its UK distributor for the Eurokote® range of coatings for the lining of bulk storage containers of fuels and petrochemical products.

This new capability fits perfectly with Pexa’s strategy of offering specialist materials for key field of application in the energy sector. Pexa can now supply speciality coatings for wind turbines, all metal and concrete structures in exposed conditions and large scale storage tank linings.

Axson Coatings was established in 1945 and is a world leader in anti corrosion coatings for storage tanks and pipelines. The company’s Eurokote® product range is widely approved by major refinery and petrochemical operators around the World.

For more information on Axson Coatings, please click here.

AMS 3095A for AkzoNobel Direct to Metal paint system

AMS 3095A for AkzoNobel Direct to Metal paint system

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings has reported qualification to Aerospace Material Specification AMS 3095A of a Direct to Metal (DTM), Base Coat/Clear Coat system.

A Direct to Metal system eliminates the need to use any kind of metal pre-treatment such as Alodine, Solgel or Wash primer technologies. The primer is applied directly to the clean Scotch-Brited substrate. The primer itself provides the necessary adhesion and corrosion resistance to meet the stringent specification requirements.

The DTM system, composed of Aerodur LV 2114 and Aerobase Base Coat/Clear Coat, is the very first of its kind to receive the AMS 3095A qualification, passing the stringent testing of the SAE aerospace standards for high gloss exterior paint systems for commercial fleet maintenance.

The AMS 3095A qualification marks a new opportunity for customers to improve the efficiency of aircraft maintenance. The DTM paint system eliminates mixed fleet complexities and can be applied on any type of commercial aircraft, whatever the climate and anywhere in the world. The paint system provides easy strip-ability within the typical MRO requirements.

Whilst the variability of aircraft appearance within a fleet shall be an issue of the past, AkzoNobel’s state-of-the-art AMS3095A DTM paint solution offers simplicity and economy for airlines and MRO’s.

Key factors demonstrating the benefits of the DTM system are reduction in process times, resulting in shorter AOG times, simplicity and reduced maintenance costs.
The environmentally progressive Aerobase Base Coat/Clear Coat system has earned AkzoNobel high praise from aircraft painters for reliability, ease of use, reduced drying times and superb gloss.

The AMS 3095A qualification for DTM is considered a worldwide standard of excellence and is globally endorsed by the major OEMs.

Pexa joins Renewables Network

Pexa joins Renewables Network

Pexa is delighted to announce that it has joined the Hull based B2B network group, Renewables Network.

Renewables Network plays a leading role in supporting established businesses who are looking to grow in the renewables sector, while supporting start-ups who may be looking for rapid growth and investment. They provide a practical business development service, information services and an enviable network of sector expertise.

Pexa is looking forward to sharing their energy sector experience with other like minded members within the Network.

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