Avions Graphics Extérieur

Adhetec Exterior Aircraft Graphics

Decals, Logos, Livery 13880® Film Series

Based on a paint system approach, the 13880® film series offers a remarkable industrial efficiency and a durability never attained previously.

  • The Adhecal 13880® is dedicated to exterior decals, logos and liveries.
  • The Adhecoat 13880® is dedicated to exterior decals, logos and liveries, as well as paint repairs.






Key Features:

  • Qualified by Airbus, ATR and Boeing under all major Top Coat and Base Coat / ClearCoat paint system
  • Exclusive 6 years lifetime against crazing and peeling (similar to paint coating)
  • Chemical and UV resistant
  • Run all your exterior appearance applications during your overhaul maintenance check
  • Excellent graphical finishes & Repeatable and controllable process
  • White film offering excellent opacity to fit all color backing configurations
  • Printing processes: Silk-screen – Digital printing – Paint coatings
  • All mandatory