Spray Gun Cleaning Machines

B-TEC® Spray Gun Cleaners

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B-TEC manufactures a wide range of high quality paint shop equipment. Pexa distributes and supports B-TEC’s spraygun washing machines and extracted work benches. All products are ATEX approved and qualified for use in industrial paint shops.

Small Spraygun Washing Machines
B-TEC produces a complete range of units for locations where space is at a premium. We can tailor make a solution or supply an off the shelf design. Our most popular small models include:

Starter 01

  • Durable construction, wall mounted or with base unit
  • For automatic and manual cleaning
  • Powerful B-TEC exhaust system
  • Manual cleaning using flow through brush and fresh dilution jet
  • All parts are made of stainless steel
  • For solvent or water
  • Air tight closed air-flush system of paint guns during cleaning process


  • Manual cleaning using feed-through brush, pump-driven (Circulated cleaner)
  • Manual cleaning using feed-through brush for fresh solvent or fresh water-base cleaner, pump-driven
  • Manual Fresh Dilution Set
  • Powerful B-TEC exhausting system
  • Automatic spray-gun cleaning with timer
  • Includes automatic clear rinse
  • Tightly closing air-flush system of paint guns during cleaning process
  • Excellent cleaning results.
  • All features are individual adjustable
  • Connector for compressed air with blow out-/blow off-pistol
  • Collecting tray for containers of 30, 58 and 60 litres
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) 2.95 x 2.39 x 7.75 feet

Large Spray Gun Washing Machines
B-TEC produces a complete range of large units where teams of painters are working and a full suite of features is required We can tailor make a solution or supply an off the shelf design. Our most popular large models includes:


  • Two Gun Cleaners in one cabinet
  • Two closed loops
  • For the first time, paint guns can easily be front loaded
  • Short cleaning process with excellent results
  • Efficient exhausting systems
  • Automatic and manual cleaning in one unit
  • Ergonomically designed construction of units allows for consistent front operation
  • Module concept saves space and enables easier handling
  • Tightly closing air-flush system of paint guns during cleaning process
  • For solvents or water
  • All machine parts for cleaning purposes are made of stainless steel
  • All performance adjustable
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) 3.93 x 2.29 x 5.90 feet

Extracted Paint Mixing Bench

  • All parts are made with stainless steel
  • Adjustable air exhausting system
  • Draining facilities
  • Current edge protection
  • Multiple storage shelves
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) 3,87 x 2,02 x 4,65 feet


  • 4 x spray gun holder
  • 1 x holder for paper rolls
  • 1 x holder for garbage bag
  • 1 x air-coupling socket
  • 1 x exhaust air tube, flexible

Unic Spray Gun Cleaners

Pexa has a range of UK manufactured spraygun washing machines designed to fit in with all sizes of paintshop and budget.

We can offer – Automatic and manual washing functions, solvent and water based paints, with and without solvent recycling.

Features Include:

  • ATEX Certified

Our range of Spray Gun cleaning Machines have been designed to give operators a choice of facilities, whilst ensuring basic quality features are consistent throughout the range. The robust construction, featuring air extraction, stainless steel wash tanks and brass distribution bars, makes the unit suitable for both solvent and water based cleaning agents. A powerful air operated, self reciprocating pump delivers up to 12 ltrs /min with an air input pressure of 75-100 psi and consumes approx 4/7 cfm. This ensures a high volume of solvent is delivered through the spray jet nozzles and optimises the cleaning performance.

The jets have been carefully positioned to give maximum cleaning efficiency in both automatic and manual wash mode. From the basic unit to the top of the range, quality components have been used to give professional painters the operational choices that enable them to clean their spray guns efficiently. This in turn ensures quality work to be produced every time. By utilising standard solvent drums as the reservoir, handling of contaminated waste is made easy and ensures maximum safety to the operator.

Installation and service are available throughout the UK,