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Pexa is the authorised distributor of the Socomore range of surface treatment products, including Socosurf. The chrome and fluorine free deoxidisers are approved for aerospace application and are an alternative to chrome containing adhesion promoters.

Socosurf is designed for the etching and deoxidation of aluminium and its alloys after degreasing or removal, especially adapted for use prior to anodising, chemical milling and conversion operations. It consists of a two-part bath, which permits an economical control of active components.


  • Chromate-free product
  • reduced handling risk
  • safer effluent
  • meets future specifications
  • Fluoride-free product
  • no preferential attacks due to fluoride & stability of etching rate
  • Easy to monitor bath consistency
  • Corrosion performances satisfy the requirements
  • Longer life than existing products: more economical, less frequent bath renewal, less waste to treat.
  • Complies with current environmental and safety requirements.


  • AIRBUS France : IPDA 62-03, 62-16, 62-02, 62-21, 62-23, 27-05
  • AIRBUS Group : AIPI 02-01-003, 02-01-002, 02-05-001
  • EADS CASA : Z-23321

Many aerospace treatments companies are looking at their deoxidiser process to make sure it is fit for the coming changes in the industry including:

  • The Airbus Chromate Free (ACF) programme of which the A350 is leading the way in introducing chrome free alternatives to traditional materials.
  • Tartaric Sulphuric Acid anodising which will become increasingly used as a replacement for chromic acid anodising and which must be carried out with appropriate chrome free pre-treatments.
  • REACH, this new legislation is starting to cause some hazardous substances to be withdrawn