Sherwin Babbco Sub Aquatic MPI

Sherwin Babbco Sub Aquatic MPI

  • BW1 dual purpose white & Actinic Blue LED hipower flashlight & yellow visor. Water resistant to 500 feet the LED light source is more robust than mercury vapour lamps for subsea applications.
  • UW1 underwater powder to be used with white light illuminance, UVa irradiance and actinic blue, 900g box.

BW1 Waterproof NDT inspection light suitable for MPI inspection above and below water. The light contains an intense blue 3W LED light and a white LED light, which can be switched between; this means only one light source needs to be carried. The blue LED excites fluorescence in the inspection material making it visible under low light conditions. The LED is robust and long lasting and not subject to stoppage caused by minor knocks. It has instant on/off and low power consumption. BW-1 is supplied complete with a yellow « blue block » filter visor which fits over a face mask. This filters out the stray blue light and slightly darkens the ambient light; making underwater MPI possible in daylight conditions. BW-1 can be used in conjunction with UW1 underwater MPI inspection media.


Sherwin Babbco products are approved for a wide range of specifications including:

  • AMS 2644
  • AMS-3155
  • AMS-3156
  • AMS-315
  • PMUC for EDF
  • Mil-I-25135E
  • ASME Code Section V
  • ASTM E-1417 (MIL-STD-6866)866
  • ASTM-E165
  • ABP6-5230
  • IGC 04-25-101
  • EN57
  • ISO3452
  • Rolls Royce PRS702

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