Aerochemicals, the smart collaboration at work in aerospace chemicals

Aerochemicals, the smart collaboration at work in aerospace chemicals

Paris, June 3rd 2015:

Aerochemicals, the global alliance of independent specialists in chemical products for aerospace, will host a cocktail reception themed on smart international collaboration at the 2015 Paris Air Show.

A press briefing will be organised at 4.45 pm on 16th June at the NYCO chalet B117 with cocktails for partners and customers.

Nyco is a regular exhibitor at the air show and a member of Aerochemicals since 2013. Around ‘molecular cooking animations’, three member companies will demonstrate their collaboration to develop their visibility internationally and better serve OEM and MRO customers. Members will share their successful experiences in supply chain, production and consultation.

Manufacturing collaboration In Brazil

In 2010 Socomore entered the Brazilian aerospace market where leading aircraft manufacturer Embraer, together with its significant local supply chain, is based. An agreement was made with Brazil based fellow Aerochemicals member Metal Chek to provide commercial agency, offices and production capacity to manufacture and market Socomore’s products in Brazil. This offered Socomore a simple way to enter the Brazilian market, which can be complex for a European company. Socomore provided full technical support for the qualification and use of the products in the Brazilian industry. This collaboration has enabled Socomore to get a stronger foothold in Brazil, in both the aerospace and automotive markets. This successful partnership has developed an excellent reputation and enhanced sales of its products. 5 years after the 1st milestone, Socomore is now considering opening its own sales office in the country.

Supply chain collaboration In India

The high degree of confidence between members of Aerochemicals allows for very efficient co-operation in sharing resources to enter new markets. Pexa Ltd, Socomore and Sherwin Inc. work together closely to develop synergies which benefit their customers. In May 2015, they decided to join forces to invest in developing a leading position in the rapidly expanding Indian market. Pexa, as a specialist distributor of surface treatments and coatings, with an extensive experience of supply chain management in the aerospace industry, will distribute Socomore surface treatment products and Sherwin NDT products. This new partnership will involve Pexa taking the lead in India, entering into agreements with customers and suppliers, employing local staff and developing local facilities. Socomore and Sherwin will support the investments and provide their technologies and technical support via the new venture. The companies will build on their existing successful business partnerships with Indian customers and plan to locate their new operation in the Bangalore area.

The aerospace industry in India is growing rapidly and major projects for industry leaders such as Boeing and Airbus are already underway. The defence sector will also expand via international partnerships and technology transfers. The partners are very well placed to support this rapid growth.

Hear testimonials from some of our partners at the cocktail event.

The alliance represents 13 members from 8 countries, 26 laboratories dedicated to research, 19 production sites, 40 sales offices, more than 1,000 employees worldwide. The steady increase in membership demonstrates the success of the collaborative experience.

Members of Aerochemicals exhibiting at the Paris Air Show that will have the pleasure to meet you:

  • NYCO, European leader in synthetic lubricants, chalet B117, booth C140 Hall 2B
  • Socomore, preparation, protection and surface treatment, booth B157 Hall 2B
  • Pexa Ltd, provider of high technology products, booth F172 Hall 2B, North West Aerospace Alliance (17th and 18th of June)