Coronavirus Covid-19 Statement 16-3-20

Coronavirus Covid-19 Statement 16-3-20

Due to the daily changing situation we are issuing this updated statement and we may issue further updates when any changes arise.

We are looking at the impact as follows

  1. We intend to remain open for business throughout and to continue to provide an excellent service to our customers. We are taking measures to improve hygiene and reduce the opportunity for transmission inside and outside Pexa. That includes minimising face to face meetings, using video meetings instead of travelling and organising home working as required for parts of the team.
  2. At the moment our suppliers are not reporting any shortages of raw materials which affect supplies. Like everyone they will be impacted by national rules about travelling to work and by potential staff shortages due to illness. We will keep ahead of that and if there are any schedule changes we will notify them as soon as possible.
  3. Transport is more difficult, the number of cargo flights from the USA will be dramatically reduced and we may see lead times impacted due to that. Our carriers are also limited by customer’s own restrictions on receiving deliveries and we are trying to liaise with customers to plan deliveries accordingly.
  4. As the situation continues we may see problems with industry activity levels and programme slowdowns could arise could arise. We are planning for the next 4 months to ensure our own viability, minimising our costs and maximising our cash flow to make sure that we can cope with any sudden fluctuations in the market.