Pexa joins Renewables Network

Pexa joins Renewables Network

Pexa is delighted to announce that it has joined the Hull based B2B network group, Renewables Network.

Renewables Network plays a leading role in supporting established businesses who are looking to grow in the renewables sector, while supporting start-ups who may be looking for rapid growth and investment. They provide a practical business development service, information services and an enviable network of sector expertise.

Pexa is looking forward to sharing their energy sector experience with other like minded members within the Network.

AkzoNobel wins Airbus SQIP Silver Award

AkzoNobel wins Airbus SQIP Silver Award

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings has been recognized by Airbus Industries at their Supply Chain and Quality Improvement Program (SQIP) event 2012.

As one of Airbus’ most strategic suppliers, AkzoNobel received the Silver Award for supply chain and quality improvement at the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse. The event marked the conclusion of a 3 year program to further raise levels of quality and supply from all Airbus’ major supply companies.

John Griffin, Director AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings EMEA, comments that the SQIP program proactively drives continuous improvement that benefits AkzoNobel and all of our customers. He sees the award as a great honor for the Aerospace Coatings’ division. The SQIP program sets a benchmark for AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings and presents a new challenge in the form of SQIP 2015 which shall drive strategic suppliers to achieve 100% on time delivery with zero rejections.

Pexa France is on the move

Pexa France is on the move

Pexa, the specialist supplier of surface finishing materials to the aerospace, defence, electronics and energy markets is moving its location in France.

Following several years working from its stock location in Lyon, Pexa is moving to the Paris region and will commence deliveries from the new location in November 2012.

Pexa’s new location is within the manufacturing and distribution location of its close business partner Babb Co and is ideally situated for an excellent logistics service throughout France.

Pexa is a member of the international Aerochemicals Alliance, its fellow member Babb Co is a fully qualified manufacturer of NDT chemicals for the aerospace and other industries. Pexa is the distributor for Sherwin Babbco in the UK and the two companies work closely together.

Pexa’s Sales Manager Mr Yves Besson said “Babb Co has an excellent facility for storage, packaging and distribution of traceable and hazardous chemical products. This partnership will improve our service and quality and provide a noticeable advantage for our customers”.

The new address is:

Pexa Ltd
CS 30136
ZI des Ebisoires
15 Rue des Frères Lumière

Pexa joins Energy Industry Supply Chain Network FPAL

Pexa joins Energy Industry Supply Chain Network FPAL

FPAL is one of a range of supplier management services provided by the Achilles Group, with individual schemes for buyer and supplier communities across a diverse range of industry sectors throughout the world. FPAL, the direct route to business in the Oil & Gas Industry, aims to find the perfect supplier for every buyer.

FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers on behalf of its purchasing members. They build and support buyer-supplier communities in the oil & gas industry, creating an effective Supply Chain network. Their services for professional procurement help create opportunities for business and reduce risk in the supply chain.

Pexa is delighted to announce that it has been approved and registered by FPAL. Pexa’s new energy business offers the oil and gas industry a full range of protective paints and coatings combined with NDT products and other service chemicals to provide corrosion protection and long service intervals for offshore and onshore steel infrastructure.

Our FPAL registration allows oil and gas industry companies to directly access Pexa using the industry wide Achilles FPAL platform.

For more information on FPAL, please visit

Pexa expands into the Energy Sector

Pexa expands into the Energy Sector

Pexa, the West Yorkshire based distributor of surface coatings and high technology materials, today announces their plans to supply the Energy industry with a range of products from world leading manufacturers.

An ISO9001 company, Pexa has been successful supporting the Aerospace and Defence sectors for the last 10 years and now brings a range of products from world leading manufacturers to the Energy sector, fully qualified to major energy industry specifications including Cameron and EDF.

The range of products Pexa are offering to the Energy sector includes Sherwin Babbco’s extensive range of dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection products. Sherwin Babbco is a world leading manufacturer of these NDT products and Pexa’s extensive stocks are available for rapid delivery around the world.

Complementing Pexa’s range of NDT products is Everlube’s range of Everslik high performance surface coatings. These surface coatings provide lubrication and corrosion prevention for onshore and offshore metal structures.

“This is an exciting development for Pexa. Our expertise gleaned from over 10 years in the aerospace and defence sectors gives us a wealth of technical knowledge. With access to some of the world’s leading product manufacturers, our knowledge and product ranges offer Energy customers something new and exciting.” said Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director of Pexa.

Pexa’s Matt Lowthian achieves Liquid Penetrant Level 2

Pexa’s Matt Lowthian achieves Liquid Penetrant Level 2

As part of Pexa’s commitment to the NDT market their Technical Sales manager Matt Lowthian has recently attended The South West School of NDT and passed Level 1 & 2 Liquid Penetrant Inspection.

Pexa is the UK distributor for Sherwin Babbco NDT products; as part of its commitment to technical product support, Pexa undertakes to have expertise in its product range and this training and qualification is part of this strategy.

Pexa can now offer a high level of technical support to customers in the dye penetrant market including analysis of test panels and process support.

Pexa celebrates its 10th Year in Business

Pexa celebrates its 10th Year in Business

Pexa, the leading supplier of surface finishing and related materials to the aerospace, defence and other high tech industries celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2012.

The company was founded in 2002 to create a new kind of technical product distributor. Vertically aligned with its key suppliers to supply their products with a degree of service, technical know-how and product support equal to that of the manufacturer, with the additional flexibility that a distributor can provide. Many important global names have entrusted Pexa with their distribution including Akzo Nobel, Socomore, Lord Corporation, Everlube Products, Permabond and Sherwin Babbco. Pexa has added its own lines of consumables and other products to ensure that customers enjoy a one stop shop for surface finishing materials.

Pexa delivered its first order from its new premises in November 2002 and shortly after that achieved its quality approved status to ISO9001/9120 and for BAE Systems and Airbus UK. With the support of its key suppliers, Pexa has won the confidence of the most important and well regarded contractors and design engineers in the aerospace and defence markets.

In 2005 Pexa opened its subsidiary in France, which is now its most important market after the UK. In addition Pexa delivers its products to over 30 countries worldwide and has a complete export packaging capability.

Pexa has won several awards for its innovative new products including its range of small packaging solutions. Pexa is also an active member of the Aerochemicals Alliance and of important trade associations such as the NWAA and the BCF.

Pexa has grown substantially in its first 10 years and is now a leading and well recognised supplier of surface finishing products, including paints, surface treatments, cleaners, lubricants, adhesives, NDT products and application equipment. Pexa is approved by many important aircraft design organisations and supplies materials for every important civil and military aircraft programme.

Pexa continues to develop; having just completed a complete upgrade to its e-marketing suite including an on line sales outlet, remote stock management programme “MyPexaStore” and a complete range of social marketing channels.

Pexa’s team now includes a talented customer services department, qualified logistics team, sales, marketing and project engineering. The team continues to grow as Pexa develops its product range and markets, this includes its recent addition of the rapidly growing energy market to its successful activities in Aerospace.

Pexa’s mission has been from the very beginning – “To enable our customers to meet their own business objectives using our products and services”, this is still true today. Pexa’s growing, trained, experienced and motivated team will continue to deliver on this aspiration. Customers and suppliers can expect a few surprises, special offers and events during 2012 as Pexa celebrates this special anniversary.

Coatings for Composites

Coatings for Composites

Pexa MD, Jim Rowbotham writes for this months Aero Mag on a step by step guide to painting composites in aerospace applications.

To read the full article, click here:

Pexa announced as Sofiplast’s UK Agent

Pexa announced as Sofiplast’s UK Agent

Never one to rest on their laurels, Pexa starts the New Year with a new product range announcement. French coatings removal specialist, Sofiplast Group has appointed Pexa as its UK agent to market and manage their range of ecological paint stripping equipment.

Using dry wheatstarch in a low pressure stream, the Sofiplast system removes paint from any substrate quickly and efficiently; but its key advantage is its safety. No harmful chemicals are used, meaning safety for substrates, operatives and the environment. In addition, because the Sofiplast system operates at a very low pressure, users can expect a reduction in energy costs and noise levels.

Wheatstarch stripping is approved for use by Boeing, Beech and Bombardier along with numerous aerospace facilities across Europe.

MD of Pexa Jim Rowbotham commented “2012 is going to be a very busy and productive year; kicking it off with this important new partnership with Sofiplast is a sign of what the industry can expect from us. We choose to represent products only after close scrutiny and the Sofiplast system was no exception. Its ecological credentials and efficiency makes it a highly attractive proposition for our customers.” Pexa is offering trial stripping of components, either on their customers’ own sites or at the Sofiplast facilities.

For more information, click here.

Pexa Among Finalists for BCF Sustainability Awards

Pexa Among Finalists for BCF Sustainability Awards

Pexa were once again pleased to be amongst the finalists of the BCF’s annual sustainability awards. In its second year, this scheme recognises and celebrates innovations from Britain’s most visible industry.

BCF members gathered at the Eastwood Hall hotel in Nottingham on the 9th November for the awards dinner which included the Sustainability Awards along with the Coatings Care and Training Awards. The World’s leading paintmakers including Akzo Nobel, PPG and Crown Paints were very much in evidence and Pexa as usual held its own in this prestigious company.

Pexa’s Mini Tank system was recognised as an excellent technology, used hand in hand with their new flexible packaging solutions it substantially reduces a variety of wastes in the paint application area. The awards judges commented as follows on Pexa’s system:

“Pexa have capitalised on the unique properties (non-settling in storage) of the Aerowave product producing a cheap and user friendly dispenser at the place of work. The benefits in waste reduction, emissions drops, and savings on an expensive product are easily transferable to similar situations”

In his closing address head judge, Dr Phil Gamlen said: “Not only are these awards about feeling proud, but they also remind us not to be complacent. Sustainability is a journey and the steps are getting bigger.”

Tony Mash echoed this sentiment saying: “This year really has seen the bar raised. All the winners delivered something that could be used in the wider market place, not just a niche product solution and that’s where real innovation makes the biggest impact. We hope that all our entrants go away from this year’s awards with the judges’ comments and continue on this path to a globally sustainable industry.

(Pictured – Pexa’s Jim Rowbotham accepts the finalist certificate from Dr Steve Snaith, BCF President)

Pexa Sponsor Over Wyre Junior Under 9’s

Pexa Sponsor Over Wyre Junior Under 9’s

Pexa is delighted to announce its sponsorship of  Over Wyre junior under 9’s football team who play in the Poulton and District Primary league.

Over Wyre juniors is a team based near Blackpool, Lancashire in the North West of England.  The North West of England is a major hub for Aerospace manufacturing facilities and Pexa is proud to be supporting this young team of talented footballers.

Aerospace Paint Adhesion Testing – Advice and solutions from Pexa

Aerospace Paint Adhesion Testing – Advice and solutions from Pexa

Adhesion testing is referenced in many specifications and can fall under audits for ISO9100 and NADCAP. Adhesive tape pull off testing is the usual method.

Know what specification is referenced…

Several Airbus specifications such as ABP 4-1123/4-2130 indicate that adhesion can be checked according to ISO2409 which is an important standard referenced frequently for paint adhesion testing. It is a destructive test and cannot be used on regular production

ISO 2409
Requires a crosshatch to be cut using either a single or multi-blade cutting tool. On metal substrates the crosshatch spacing is 1mm for coatings <60µ thickness (typically primer), the spacing is 2mm for coatings 61µ-120µ (typically primer plus topcoat). The tape required in ISO2409 is at least 50mm wide and is recommended to be clear. The peel strength is 6-10 N/25mm. In addition to these 2 items Pexa supplies the recommended magnifier together with the other items in a handy toolkit. Airbus UK also provides for a non destructive test which is suitable for the detection of significant adhesion problems, however it can be used on regular production. The tape to b used is 3M #250 or an equivalent with peel strength >9N/25mm and elongation <5%. The tape is applied using a roller of width 25mm-50mm.

American Methods
Specifications from Boeing, Mil, ASTM, Fed and Bombardier specifications such as BSS7225 and Fed Std 14. Typically these methods require a 4½ lb roller to apply the tape, the hardness of the roller may also be indicated (Durometer 70+/-5 or 80+/-5). As of today the tape required in ASTM D3359 (Permacel 99) is not available so where this is required Pexa will be supplying the LA-26 tape which is likely to be approved instead.

The tape typically required for many of these standards is again the 3M#250

Pexa supplies all the above items. For further info please email or contact us on +44 1422 314400

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