A Complete Packaging Solution

A Complete Packaging Solution

A Complete Packaging Solution

We pack paints, coatings, adhesives, solvents and other chemical products into small containers suited to the end user’s application. Our customers are product users who wish to have an economic quantity of product, pre measured and at the correct ratio, ready for use when and where they need it.

We also work with product manufacturers who wish to offer their own customers these benefits.

We identify, design and produce tailor made packs to accommodate a wide variety of products. They are designed with the end use in mind and we try to anticipate the end user’s needs when designing the dispensing and/or application method.

Our systems are designed to handle chemical products and our quality systems take care of batch number, traceability and shelf life issues.

We are approved to ISO 9001, EN AS 9120 and by major design engineers in the aerospace and defence industry such as BAE Systems, Airbus UK, Thales and Raytheon.

Our packaging centre uses volumetric filling machines made to precision tolerances in the UK. We can accurately and repeatable fill quantities from 1 – 250ml with a single dose.

We can include nitrogen gas which prevents the contents from deteriorating and allows us to extend the shelf life.

We are flexible and try to meet our customers’ needs for small or large batches and packing in accordance with the customer’s needs. That can be as single units, polythene bag in box or complete IATA approved boxed with all the relevant labels. We have fully IATA qualified packaging specialists in house to take care of any requirement.