Pexa Application Swabs

Pexa Application Swabs


A cost effective alternative to the paint brush, the Pexa Application Swab can be used as a versatile product from paint retouching to cleaning small, awkward to reach areas, for a more controllable application with no bristle loss. This product ideally complements our Burst Packs.

Advantages include:

  • Foam head is heat welded so no adhesive residue
  • Antistatic ESD characteristics
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different jobs
  • Can be pre-soaked for cleaning
  • Blue handle can be bent into shape
  • Polyurethane polyester foam heads
  • Handles are polypropylene or white birch
  • Dust and particle free
  • Chemical resistant



Technical Features:

Code Handle Head Head Width (mm) Head Length (mm) Handle Width (mm) Handle Length (mm) Total Length (mm)
P3002a Black polyprop. White PU foam 7 21 4 108 115
P3002b White birch wood Cotton bud covered with white PU foam 8 19 4 150 153
P3002c While polyprop. White PU foam 5 14 3 148 154
P3002d Blue polyprop White PU foam 11 23 4 140 145