EZ Grip Friction Drops© (Aircraft Grade)

EZ Grip Friction Drops© (Aircraft Grade)

EZ Grip Friction DropsEZ Grip Friction Drops© is the ultimate solution for removing worn, damaged and corroded screws and bolts.

Each drop of Aircraft Grade EZ Grip Friction Drops© provides immediate grip from the thousands of hardened aluminium cubes in each and every drop. EZ Grip Friction Drops is made from a non-toxic, biodegradable, food grade anti-freeze. It is silicone free and suitable for use on aircraft metal surfaces including sealing and painting operations.




How does EZ Grip screw and bolt remover work?
Each drop of EZ Grip Friction Drops contain thousands of microscopic blocks of natural material that are almost diamond like in hardness. These natural blocks are floating in a specially blended biodegradable formula. When you place a drop on the fastener head or driver head or onto the bolt or socket or wrench head and jiggle it this is what happens: The blocks quickly move into place to form an interlocking bridge between the tool head and any differential surface it can find on the fastener head. You can feel the tool lock onto the fastener and while you apply pressure, then turn. Unless the fastener is so frozen that it needs a lubricant to free it, it will turn.
Does EZ Grip Screw Extractor get tacky of hard
No, there is no waiting and the friction drops will not adhere to the tool or fastener.
How can this be demonstrated?
Do the coin demo. Take two coins and press them between your thumb and index fingers, press them together hard and try to slide them against each other – of course they slide. Now take the coins and place a drop of EZ Grip Friction Drops between them and do the same test. They don’t slide because the microscopic blocks have quickly moved into place around the shallow artwork on the coins and when you pressed them together firmly they temporarily interlocked with each other. They have formed a temporary bridge between differential surfaces on the coins. Relax your pressure on the coins and they will slide, apply the pressure and they will lock again.
Do I have to clean off the EZ Grip Friction Drops from my screwdriver or part surface I am working on?
If you want to, but you don’t have to. When exposed to air for a day or so, the ©EZ Grip Friction Drops™ Aircraft Grade biodegradable carrying agent will evaporate and what seems like an extremely fine powder will blow away. There is no silicone in this product so you don’t need to be concerned about priming and painting operations on aircraft or parts surfaces after use as it will not interfere as silicone will.
If I don’t clean off the EZ Grip screw removal drops will my tools or parts surface corrode from it.
No. The carrying agent is specifically formulated to prevent any corrosion to metal surfaces and will not attack O-rings.
What if the screw or bolt won’t come out.
EZ Grip Screw Extractor is designed to interlock your driver or wrench head with the fastener head and increase the torque to help turn the head. If the threads are so frozen in the tap hole that you cannot turn it out try a heavy duty lubricant.
What is the shelf life of Aircraft Grade EZ Grip Screw Extractor?
A. Shelf life exceeds 12 years but we say 10 to be safe.



Damaged screw removed using EZ Grip Friction Drops