Edding Part Marking Pens

Edding Part Marking Pens

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Pexa is the authorised distributor of edding, the World leading manufacturer of writing products, including aerospace approved pens for part marking and other technical applications.

Pexa can supply the entire range of edding products.

Our main products for the aerospace industry include:

  • edding 8404 part marking pen with low corrosion ink, resistant to aircraft fluids approved to Airbus UK ABP 9-3323 Class A and BAE Systems R60-6403. Available in Black with a 0.75mm tip,
  • edding 8030 NLS high tech marker with low corrosion ink approved to German aerospace standard LN 905. Available in Blue and Red with tips 1.5mm to 3mm.
  • edding 780 paint marker, highly opaque marker, available in white for writing on dark labels etc. Available in a range of colours with a 0.8mm tip.
  • edding 1800 profipen, high tech fibre pen available with very fine tip. Available in Black with tips 0.25mm to 0.7mm