Scapa Technical Tapes

Scapa Technical Tapes


Pexa is the authorised distributor of Scapa tapes to the aerospace industry. Scapa is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes and has a full range of tapes approved for use in the aviation industry. Some examples of our extensive range of tape solutions are shown below. Please contact us with any requirement and we will be sure to provide a recommendation.




Scapa 4928 2 sided Carpet Tape

  • Self extinguishing
  • Meets FAR/JAR 25.853
  • Each side a different colour to aid fixing
  • Clean lifting
  • 50M roll
  • Differential tack to aid positioning and removal
  • Hand tearable

capa 330D Linerless Aluminium Tape

  • Soft aluminium foil tape
  • Suitable for temporary repair of aircraft parts
  • Suitable for painting and paint stripping operations
  • Thickness 0.14 mm
  • Peel strength 4.5 N/cm
  • 50M roll

Scapa 4400 2 sided Layup Adhesive Film

  • Aerospace approved for temporary layup
  • Suitable for riveting
  • Fixing of temporary protective for metal forming
  • Clean removal after use
  • High tack
  • Plastic core

Scapa T3601 FR Cargo Bay Tape

  • Meets FAR/JAR 25.853, fire retardant adhesive
  • Suitable for jointing of aircraft cargo areas
  • Suitable for repairs to carpets etc
  • White colour
  • Easy to apply, waterproof
  • 55M roll