Aerospace Manufacture

Aerospace Manufacture

Aerospace Manufacture

The production of new aerospace equipment including civil and military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft is a key component of Pexa’s business.  We supply a broad range of materials focussed on surface finishing which allow customers to choose Pexa as their turnkey supplier for coatings and surface treatments.

Our product range includes paints and coatings suitable for all structural applications in aerospace manufacturing. As the approved and authorised distributor for AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings we offer paints for most major specifications including those of Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer as well as national specifications. In addition to structural applications we offer a range of paints suitable for cabin interior application.

Solid film lubricants are widely used for “hotspots” around the airframe where parts are required to be mated together in sliding or torqued applications. These include fasteners, flanges, overlaps, wiring conduits and moving parts. Pexa stocks and distributes the unrivalled Everlube range of solid film lubricants.

EMC compatibility and RF/EM shielding along with static discharge are all essential elements of aerospace electronic equipment. Pexa supplies the Spraylat range of EMC Coatings which satisfy all requirements for conductivity and attenuation control.

In addition to coatings Pexa supplies a full range of consumable products including masking tapes and materialspaint shop consumablesspray guns and part making inks etc.  We offer a wide range of masking products from Adhetec and our Global Mask.

Crack and flaw detection is a critical process in aerospace manufacture. Pexa is the appointed outlet for Sherwin Babbco products. Sherwin Babbco has the World’s most complete range of products including Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection systems, in addition to a full range of inspection lighting and all consumables including TAM panels and photographic services.

In addition to the products used for NDT, Pexa also supplies a full range of UV and blue inspection lights for all applications and is the official distributor of World leading manufacturer Spectroline.

Treatment of the aircraft surface requires high quality approved surface treatment products.

Pexa supplies Socomore products. These include solvent cleanersdeoxiders, Sol Gels and a wide range of detergent cleaners. Socomore’s range of corrosion inhibiting compounds is always in stock for immediate delivery.

We are an approved distributor of Nycote’s range of Nylon Coatings.