Aircraft Interiors

Aircraft Cabin Cleaning and Sanitation Products

Pexa is an authorised stockist and distributor of the PSA range of approved aircraft cleaning and sanitation products. PSA is a World leading producer of hygiene products and novel solutions for cleaning, sanitation and air freshening on board aircraft.

PSA products are used and approved by airlines including major flag carriers around the World.

PSA’s Product Lines Include:

Hard Surface Cleaners
Hygiene Products
Toilet Chemicals
Insecticides – Non Flammable
Carpet Shampoos
Screen cleaners
Gum removers
Air Fragrances
Products are approved to the most important aviation specifications including:

Airbus CML, AMS 1476-A, AMS 1476-B, AMS, 1550-B, AMS 1452-A, AMS 1320

Pexa supplies the whole range of PSA products but the following represents the main product lines that we keep in stock.

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